SONG PICK: Charlie Hole – There Will Be No King

Probably even more stunning than his stellar guitar chops, appealing raspy vocals and overall delectable songwriting is his talent to tell truly compelling stories. Hailing from the coastal town Bournemouth in the South East of England, singer-songwriter Charlie Hole put out the last single to his just released twelve track[…]

PHOTOS: ionnalee at Elsewhere

Jonna Lee aka ionnalee fka iamamiwhoami has always been more than a musician. Whatever the Swedish artist does feels like part of a larger concept: the music, the visuals and even her own appearance are to be full of symbols and mysterious references. This was clear from the first moment[…]

SONG PICK: Pheeyownah – Scent/Sweat

“Scent/Sweat” is the latest single from the debut album “SILVER” by Swedish/Ugandan singer/songwriter Pheeyownah. The track showcases her elegant, restrained future pop production: every beat, every sound and every effect feels deliberately placed into a compelling soundscape. “SILVER” is out this Friday, May 3 (Apple Music), but you can listen[…]

SONG PICK: Nick Wilson – Let Me Hold You

Big epic ballads are hit or miss and firmly in the latter camp is “Let Me Hold You”, the new single by ambient electronic artist Nick Wilson. From the start, the song puts it all out: the longing, the heartbreak, everything that went wrong and what could have been. With[…]

SONG PICK: Hunter As A Horse – Walk With Fire

South African duo of Mia Van Wyk and Paul Gala Hunter As A Horse have already a two part EP “The Two Magics” under their belt, but that was a while ago in 2016. Back then they were based in London, but they have returned to their home country to[…]

SONG PICK: Beauty Queen – Out Of Touch (Video & EP)

From the six melodic and stunningly beautiful tracks on “Out Of Touch”, the title track stands out as the moodiest of them all and gets featured as our Song Pick of the Day. “Out Of Touch” marks the debut EP by Los Angeles-based bedroom pop artist Beauty Queen, the newest[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Rayon Nelson – Freedom

There is not much to add to the words of UK musician Rayon Nelson – the song and video speak for themselves: The song is about Freedom. I wrote it after being inspired and somewhat burdened to do something about the killing of young youths and also about young refugees.[…]

SONG PICK: Model Citizen – Get Out

Model Citizen is an 18-piece band from Brooklyn led by songwriter Mark Ciani. Having that many musicians may be impractical in some ways, but it also gives you a massive, organic sound with an element of delightful chaos. “Get Out,” the second single of Model Citizen is jazz and funk[…]

SONG PICK: Deliluh – Rabbit

Listening to “Rabbit”, without knowing where Deliluh are from, I would either place them in Chicago, IL or the U.K. preferably Manchester but Canada I would not have had on my map. The Toronto-based post-punk quartet released a deliciously dark, edgy and slow-building new single with “The Rabbit”, something to[…]

SONG PICK: Heavy Heart – Dowsabel

Heavy Heart is a good name for an alternative rock band, in particular when they delve in the realm of doomed love relationships. In “Dowsabel” Anna Vincent (vocals, guitar), Patrick Fitzroy (guitar), James Vincent (guitar) and Craig Brown (drums) tell their tale with a melodic, soaring dream rock song that[…]