SONG PICK: Zoey Lily – Never Getting Better at Losing You

London-based musician Zoey Lily has carved her own style of pop music with an elegant, restrained production and intimate vocals full of vulnerability. Her new song “Never Getting Better at Losing You” is about a complicated relationship and you can picture Zoey singing it alone in her bedroom, with resignation[…]

SONG PICK: Close Talker – Half Past Nine

Canadian indie rockers Close Talker evolved and fine-tuned their sound from their first full-length record “Flux” (among my top 10 albums of 2014) to their latest single “Half Past Nine”, honing their craft and focusing on what they do so well. “Half Past Nine” features Will Quiring‘s vocals beautifully, while[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Wyldest – Quiet Violet

Zoe Mead, singer and guitarist in London-based trio Wyldest directed the video “Quiet Violet”, which tells the story of living a constrained life and dreaming of escape. The song is on Wyldest excellent debut album “Dream Chaos” (Apple Music | Spotify), out today. Watch “Quiet Violet” below: Connect with Wyldest[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Dakota – Four Leaf Clover

When watching “Four Leaf Clover” you can feel the fresh ocean breeze in your face as the members of Dakota walk through the landscape (presumably) of the Netherlands. The song is from their new album “Here’s The 101 On How To Disappear“. Watch here: Connect with Dakota on Facebook, Instagram[…]