VIDEO FRIDAY: Cat Turner – 23 / IOU

“23 / IOU” is a new double-single by Irish singer/producer Cat Turner, darker and with a more inward feel than her previous songs. The accompanying visuals are as intense and mesmerizing as the music and tell two entire stories with just a few images. Watch “23 / IOU” on YouTube:[…]

Excited for these Daytime Events at SXSW2019

While finalizing our schedule for next week in Austin, we want to share some of our top picks and not to be missed events. BRITISH MUSIC EMBASSY If you are -like me- drawn to music being made in the UK, then this is the place to be! Centrally located with[…]

SONG PICK: Gatlin – Maniac

Gatlin is a singer/songwriter from Nashville and her debut single “Maniac”, out today, immediately pulls you in with intimate, honest friendliness, even though it deals with the dark sides of relationships. Gatlin explains: “Maniac” is a dreamy song that puts the listener into a spell, careless and free. The song[…]

SONG PICK: New Luna – Swarms

“If things had been easier” repeats Tommy Deedigan, vocalist of Manchester dream-pop alt-rock quartet New Luna, yet nothing is easier than to instantly fall in love with the frontman’s vocal delivery and the moody, extremely appealing track. “Swarms” is as melancholic and wistful as it is jazzy, with a subtle, playful[…]

SONG PICK: Laveda – Dream. Sleep.

“Dream. Sleep.” is a shoegaze/dream pop track with picture-perfect execution, from the massive guitars over the hazy vocals right up to the title. It is the new song by Laveda, the duo of Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks from upstate New York. They used to be much quieter as one[…]

See you at the New Colossus Festival

Whenever I meet New Yorkers, those who are either born here in the 70s and or earlier or have been living in the city for more than my eighteen, going on nineteen years, they mourn the times when Manhattan was a true musician community. In the 80s or so. Mind[…]

Three New Albums from Berlin

Alice Phoebe Lou – Paper Castles A large part of Berlin’s vibrant music scene is made up by artists who are not actually from there, but deliberately chose the German capital as their place to live and work. Alice Phoebe Lou hails from South Africa, but moved to Berlin years[…]

SONG PICK: Guest Singer – My Parallel

Guest Singer aka Jake Cope is an artist/project I came back to listening numerous times. Initially, the debut single “New Experience” totally got me already but “My Parallel” seals the deal to finally feature the gorgeous track. Both singles are irresistible in a subtle yet intense way, the one that[…]

SONG PICK: Molina – Venus (Video)

Bright and glittering, with dark undertones gliding through the music like shadows of clouds moving fast over blue skies, that is “Venus”, the new synth pop track of classic beauty by Danish producer/singer Molina. The song is enhanced with the visuals created by French artist Diane Guais, who gives us[…]

SONG PICK: Glassio – Age of Experience

“Age of Experience” is the name of Brooklyn-based Glassio‘s just released EP as well as its title track. Having listened through the totally stunning EP multiple times, I am tempted to describe the title track as the one that sums up the other five as well. The single offers an[…]