VIDEO FRIDAY: Jeannel – Lullaby

Jeannel is a Berlin-based artist and her latest song “Lullaby” is a slow-burning, intimate piece of synth pop. The video clip – a collaboration with director Felix Aaron – is an enigmatic clip that follows Jeannel and a mysterious dancer though the wee hours of the night. Watch “Lullaby” here[…]

SONG PICK: Minke – Bite the Bullet

Still buzzing with the excitement of having seen Minke live at The British Embassy for SXSW, I am back in the hotel and deciding on a #glamglarepick for today is an obvious choice. “Bite the Bullet”, the new single of the British singer, songwriter and guitarist was live as fantastic[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: ANIQO – Must Surrender

German artist ANIQO creates hauting soundscapes that come from dark places in the mind. Her latest song “Must Surrender” is about the fear of change, which can become our worst enimy. ANIQO gives some details: Must surrender is about the liberation of deadlocked structures and the detachment of an inflexible[…]

SONG PICK: Jackie Mendoza – Seahorse

The ukulele is the instrument of choice of Californian musician Jackie Mendoza, but you would not necessarily notice this when listening to her new song “Seahorse”. Heavily enhanced with electronics the song leads you underwater where she explores the mating behavior of seahorses. Jackie explains: The song’s instrumentation mirrors the[…]

SONG PICK: City Park – Symbolic Love

Listening to City Park,  I immediately get reminded of the beautiful slow ballads of no other than Prince because the Amsterdam-based duo impresses with a similar sleek funkiness and beautiful falsetto vocals. “Symbolic Love” depicts the excitement but also the downfalls of first date and “the special dynamics between two[…]

SONG PICK: Pixx – Disgrace

Hannah Rodgers aka Pixx is back with a new single and a June 7 announcement for her second album “Small Mercies”. With “Disgrace” she continues to dazzle with her ability to infuse her music with a dose of weirdness that turns the songs catchy and always surprising. The track is[…]

Official glamglare SXSW 2019 Showcase

The reward for going through months of preparations to book a showcase at SXSW is that you can see your favorite acts in one place instead of having to squeeze yourself from venue to venue through the crowds on Sixth Street. If you are in Austin (with SXSW credentials) we[…]

SONG PICK: Yip Deceiver – Devotee

Georgia-based three-piece Yip Deceiver released the beautifully upbeat, funky and disco-ready “Devotee” about which vocalist Davey Pierce says: “‘Devotee’ is the product of countless late nights with The Gap Band, Cameo, and Steely Dan. Part roller boogie, part R&B, part dance, ‘Devotee’ kind of hangs out in its own little[…]

SONG PICK: DELUNE – Those Days (Video)

Sisters Kate and Izzi Eberstadt from New York have already done many things – artistic and philanthropic – in addition to producing and recording engaging pop music under the name DELUNE. “Those Days” is their second single, a haunting synth-pop track carried by two-way vocal harmonies. “What happened to us?”[…]