SONG PICK: Far Caspian – A Dream of You



SONG PICK: Far Caspian – A Dream of You

“A Dream of You”, the new single by Leeds three-piece Far Caspian, could come right from a John Hughes movie. Take a potential montage where she keeps on glancing at a framed picture of him (way pre-digital!) while going through her wardrobe for a possible prom dress, while he is polishing daddy’s car to pick her up with or gets taught some dance moves by his mom. Doesn’t have to be that clichéd or gender stereotypical because this is 2019 and everything is possible, especially with a track as lovely as “A Dream of You”!

A cut from their upcoming EP, the band muses about it as follows:

“The first EP was about being stuck and not really having an idea of how to fix it, whereas this EP is about breaking out and enjoying your 20’s and trying to figure out the process that comes with it. We’ve always loved 80’s bands and we wanted to get more of that influence in our sound. This whole EP definitely explores that more.”

Listen to the beautiful “A Dream of You”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo Credit: Jeff Barnett