SONG PICK: Glassio – Age of Experience



SONG PICK: Glassio – Age of Experience

“Age of Experience” is the name of Brooklyn-based Glassio‘s just released EP as well as its title track. Having listened through the totally stunning EP multiple times, I am tempted to describe the title track as the one that sums up the other five as well. The single offers an airy, playful vibe with interesting sound pieces and a lovely piano melody plus soft and compelling vocals

When asked about his sophomore record Sam R., the artist behind Glassio, reveals:

“It’s an adolescent EP. The main character is going through a journey of the cliché moving to New York (‘New York New York II’), entering a dysfunctional relationship (‘Back for More’), ruminating on childhood and being self-aware (‘Age of Experience’), Feeling invincible (‘Young & Departed’), Feeling loss (‘Weight of the World’), and going out again for the first time because they are convinced everything is better (‘Dancing’).”

Being self-aware is a good thing, especially in a place like New York City and when this sort of mindfulness comes in form of such a gorgeous song? Bring it on! Listen to “Age of Experience” our Song Pick of the Day:

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