SONG PICK: Little May – Apples (Video)

Australian band Little May is back as a duo with a new track “Apples” from their upcoming album “Blame My Body”, out on May 3. The song – less sweet than you may remember the band from their 2015 releases – is a refreshingly straightforward three-minute indie rock song with[…]


“Sun Skin Air” sports the dreamy, hippie, psychedelic vibe with which Brit rockers Temples made a name for themselves yet the new single by fellow-Brits SUN SILVA is all that and then some. While one would expect the track to head further into a fuzzy direction, it takes some surprising[…]

SONG PICK: Ellis May – Patterned Cloth

Ellis May is the stage name of Danish producer/singer Sophia Maj and her new song “Patterned Cloth” is a haunting recount of fire and loss, which she experienced when her childhood home burned down. You will get the picture: the subtle production sneaks into your mind while her vocals are[…]

SONG PICK: Household Dogs – Lonely Lover

Thanks to the warm guitar vibes in “Lonely Lover”, a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia takes over and memories bubble up of a time, when my friends and I listened to a lot of “The Damned” and when we read and discussed Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel “Dune” with gusto. A[…]

Three New Albums from Singer/Songwriters

Discover three new albums from musicians based in Ireland, New York and Los Angeles. Two are built around guitars, one around a piano. But all are personal and from artists who want to control their music themselves. Rosie Carney – Bare Just in her early 20s Ireland-based singer/songwriter Rosie Carney[…]


Back in 2016 the London-based trio HÆLOS blew us away when we saw them live for the first time at during SXSW and consequently their debut album “Full Circle” was our favorite album that year. Now a four-piece they are about to release their second record “Any Random Kindness” on[…]

SONG PICK: Hezen – Bring Your Alibi

HEZEN is a singer/producer based in London. She released a fantastic dark electronic EP “Stigma” two years ago and the track “Oil Fire” was one of my favorite tracks of the year. Now she is back with a new song “Bring Your Alibi”. Written under the impression of rise of[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: HOST – Taste of Your Love

The music by Irish singer/producer HOST is delightfully off-center, like if she took 80s-inspired, big chorus pop music and nudged it carefully over the edge. “Taste of Your Love” avoids the slick ways of current pop production and builds on classic, lush but slightly discomforting synth lines. This makes sense,[…]


Three years and eleven months ago, I saw back-then Brooklyn and now Los Angeles-based trio DREAMERS for the very first time at one of their SXSW2015 shows. Since then, the band comprised of vocalist/guitarist Nick Wold, bassist Nelson and drummer Jacob Wick sharpened their talents and released one hit single after the[…]

SONG PICK: The Dream Syndicate – Black Light

The Dream Syndicate are gearing up to release their second full length album since their re-union in 2012. The album is called “These Times” about which lead singer and songwriter Steve Wynn says: “These Times. That’s it. It is all we’re talking about, all we’re thinking about. There is no avoiding the[…]