SONG PICK: Lumen Craft – Stranger (VIDEO)



SONG PICK: Lumen Craft – Stranger (VIDEO)

An alluring guitar solo together with driving bass and drum beats get the passionate ride of “Stranger” started, and by the time the sensual vocals set in, the song has us utterly charmed. “Stranger” is the new single and video by Brazilian three-piece Lumen Craft, based out of São Paulo.

Producer Ceah Pagotto, guitarist Noah Guper and singer John Evans provide the following insight to “Stranger”:

“It’s an invitation to the unknown, a guide to unexplored lands. It’s an affirmation of identity, surrendering the soul to the course of destiny. Let the mind flow and enjoy the ride.”

Listen to “Stranger”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Beto Riginik

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