SONG PICK: Chain Wallet – No Ritual

Listening through recent indie pop releases, I was excited to also find a new single by Norwegian dream pop trio Chain Wallet among them. Unsurprisingly, for me anyway because I really dig Chain Wallet’s sound, their latest single “No Ritual” is straightforward gorgeousness. The band says the following about their[…]

SONG PICK: Ani Glass – Peirianwaith Perffaith

“Peirianwaith Perffaith” means “Perfect Machinery” and U.K. singer/producer Ani Glass creates a chilled, industrial soundscape for her latest song. You probably don’t understand the lyrics, but Ani hints that the song is about how the “search for identity in a moving city and society insists on a sense of stillness[…]

SONG PICK: aiwake – Palm City

Spinning “Palm City” for a month now, always happy when it comes up. So, today is finally the day to give “Palm City” by singer/songwriter/producer aiwake a feature. Dorian Voos and Euan Robertson who make music together under the moniker aiwake, says about his new single: “Palm City is an[…]

SONG PICK: The Japanese House – Follow My Girl

The Japanese House is the project of English singer/songwriter Amber Bain. “Follow My Girl” is the second single from her upcoming debut album “Good At Falling,” due out on March 1 next year. The song hits exactly the golden line between edgy electronics and catchy synth pop and makes you[…]

SONG PICK: Highschool Jacob – Nobody But You

“Nobody But You”, the new single by Los Angeles-based Highschool Jacob, is hypnotic in its build and lyrics, when he repeats multiple times over: “You’re looking at me like I’m somebody else, I’m looking at you like there’s no one else”, and simply absolutely beautiful! The sonic expression of “Nobody But[…]

SONG PICK: VEE 303 – Wounded (Video)

“Wounded” is a chilled future pop song with intricate beats that reminds of FKA twigs work. But VEE 303 is actually a German, Berlin-based singer/songwriter and fashion designer and she sets the song to sleek video full of symbolism. She explains about the song: Wounded is about the dynamic of[…]

SONG PICK: The Fame – Wide Awake

The debut single by Toronto-based quartet The Fame “Wide Awake” is about self-reflection and the daily life ongoings and it is totally stunning – debut or not! Listen to “Wide Awake”, our Song Pick of the Day: Connect with The Fame on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Photo credit: Avalon Mohns

TOP 15 SONGS of 2018 – Elke’s Picks

What makes a great song? Better yet, what particular element(s) characterizes your favorite songs? Thinking about what to do for 2018, whether to compile a Top 10 album list, or a Top 10 song list or what not, I realized that among all my favorite songs for the passing year[…]

SONG PICK: Girl As Wave – Another Life

Girl As Wave is the stage name of singer/songwriter Marci Elizabeth, who turned her music into a different direction with her latest EP “Poison Vines and Nectar,” a compelling piece of dreamy indie rock. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “Another Life” below: Stream “Poison Vines and Nectar”[…]