SONG PICK: Death Hags – Earthbound (Video)



SONG PICK: Death Hags – Earthbound (Video)

Fascinating how otherworldly Brooklyn and Queens can look when you let an astronaut walk through the frame in the frame. “Earthbound” is the new video by shapeshifting L.A.-based artist Lola Jean aka Death Hags. Forget all associations you might have with this name: “Earthbound” is a sweeping piece of electronic music infused with the retro synth vibes that are so popular in Lola’s home country of France.

The song comes with a message of hope:

Earthbound is the feeling of coming back to life. It’s that moment when you overcome grief to see the world with new eyes — grief over what the earth is going through, the inevitability and the scale of it, but also personal trauma, because they are linked. I started healing from both when I realized that. Terrible things are happening to the earth right now but it is still beautiful and we can still care for it and keep it beautiful. The same can be said of those of us who have suffered abuse and trauma. We can still heal regardless of the damage and we are still beautiful, sometimes more beautiful with the damage. The only constant is change.

Watch the video to “Earthbound,” an homage to the science fiction classic “The Man Who Fell to Earth” or stream our Song Pick of the Day on YouTube.

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(Photo Credit: Danielle Petrosa)

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