SONG PICK: Unknown Caller – See You Again

The second single by Brooklyn-based artist Unknown Caller charms the listener with its overall laid-back vibe, exquisite guitar work, and a vocal delivery that brings to mind someone like Julian Casablancas… Big name comparisons aside, “See You Again” is a truly fantastic song, irresistible sound and pensive lyrics alike! Alex[…]

SONG PICK: Softer Still – Red Sun

“Nuances” the debut album by U.K. four-piece Softer Still is a classic, elegant pop album, which is best consumed from beginning to the end. The latest single “Red Sun” is something like the catchy, dramatic centerpiece of the record – The Chameleons or even Spandau Ballet comes to mind. Stream[…]

SONG PICK: Post Lovers – Tiger

How much does location matter? Maybe it is inconsequential that Post Lovers hails from Greece or is being based in Athens, yet with their latest single “Tiger”, they put themselves firmly on the map of Greek artists to keep an eye on. “Tiger” is one of those songs, that are seemingly[…]

SONG PICK: Sleep Thieves – Sea Of Shadows

With “Sea Of Shadows” the new Sleep Thieves EP “Fortress” by features no less than three Song Picks of the Day. Consider us big fans of the Dublin-based trio of and their dark, haunted but unpretentious synth pop. Opener “Sea Of Shadows” gets you in the mood right from the[…]

SONG PICK: The Rungs – King of Books

As long time fans of Brooklyn-based indie-pop trio The Rungs, we are especially intrigued by “King of Books”, one of their finest works to date. Initially, Mandy and Diwas Durang were making music together as a duo, but once they enlisted the drumming talent of Steven Bartashev, their sound took on more depth[…]

SONG PICK: Claire George – Orbit

Claire George is a singer/songwriter from the West Coast and with her new EP “Bodies of Water” she has self-produced an elegant masterpiece of thoughtful electro-pop. The ethereal “Orbits” is the addictive second single and our Song Pick of the Day. “Bodies Of Water” is out now on Cascine. Stream[…]

Impressions and Photos of Iceland Airwaves 2018

We didn’t see much of Iceland, when we visited the island for Iceland Airwaves two years ago. Thick low-hanging clouds and frequent rain were blocking the view of the majestic surroundings of Reykjavík most of the time. Huddled into our winter coats (the wind renders umbrellas impractical), we rushed shivering[…]

SONG PICK: Joseph of Mercury – Reluctant Love

With a big dose of jazziness and grandeur, yet also a big splash of melancholy, “Reluctant Love” wiggles itself right into our ear buds and music loving hearts. “Reluctant Love”, a song about the ‘precarious quality of pursuit’ is the new single by Canadian singer/songwriter Joseph of Mercury, and has[…]

SONG PICK: Alice Pisano – Celebrate Life (Video)

It is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and here is a song and video that fits to the theme of the day perfectly. Italian, London-based singer/songwriter Alice Pisano invites you to “Celebrate Life,” with all its ups and downs. Because life itself is something we all can be thankful for[…]