SONG PICK: Vök – Night And Day

One week from now we will wake up very early morning in Iceland for four days filled with music from the island and from all over the world. For sure on our Iceland Airwaves 2018 must see list is Icelandic trio Vök around singer Margrét Rán. Their new track “Night[…]

Q&A with EinarIndra (#airwaves18)

Two years ago, EinarIndra basically kickstarted Iceland Airwaves for us, taking us under his spell with his show, the first one we saw in Reykjavik. There is something very particular and mesmerizing about the Icelandic brand of indie electronic music, and EinarIndra’s is especially moving. We met EinarIndra again on[…]

SONG Pick: Lou Stone – Fictions

The allure of “Fictions” is instant and enduring. The debut single by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lou Stone, convinces with solid songwriting, sparse instrumentation and a jazzy arrangement, giving room to Lou Stone’s charismatic vocals and letting them shine. Comparisons with Jeff Buckley’s vocal delivery might come up. In any case, with[…]

SONG PICK: Malka – Don’t Leave Me

Scottish singer/songwriter Malka gives us a taste of her second album with an intelligent, well-crafted new pop song “Don’t Leave me” about the fear of loss. The track takes unexpected turns and does not let you off the hook until the last bar. It shines through that Malka is in[…]

SONG PICK: Deanna Devore – Seven Eight

Listening to Deanna Devore‘s recently released EP “Half and Half”, it is hard to single out one track of the superb album. While the Chicago- and Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer had put out “A Cause” as the lead single earlier this year, we go with the album opener “Seven Eight”[…]

SONG PICK: Greentea Peng – Used To

Greentea Peng is the alias of Aria from London, who does super-chill future pop. Her latest song “Used To” sneaks into your consciousness like a seductive fragrance while she reflects about a dying relationship. Her stage name by the way, comes from her love for green tea, which she quotes[…]

SONG PICK: Humans – Going Late

What brightens up a DJ’s work? A track that is long enough to quickly step away from the mixing console, replenish a drink, have a quick chat with a regular, and be back in time to choose the next track, all while the dance floor stays nicely filled with happily[…]

Q&A with Holy Nothing (#airwaves18)

A music festival like Iceland Airwaves allows for unexpected music discoveries yet also holds room for long(er) time favorites. In fall 2015, Holy Nothing released their exquisite electro pop album “Hypertext”, which made us want to see them live when they played SXSW the following year. And while there was no[…]

SONG PICK: Bets – Left My City

“I feel so lucky that you left my city” are the words of good-bye that Betsy Hershey aka Bets has for a person that is bad influence. Her new song “Left My City” is a bright, but twisted electro-pop song, which feels like coming from a different reality, where things[…]

SONG PICK: CAEZAR – Somewhere New

“Somewhere New”, the new single by English indie-pop trio CAEZAR, impresses with a refreshing playfulness, beautiful vocals and some crazy catchy hooks. While thinking of an analogy to describe the exuberantly joyful vibe of the track, images of children playing with a ball came to mind, hair blowing in the wind,[…]