SONG PICK: Dansu – Don’t You Give Up

Requests like “Don’t You Give Up” are strangely re-assuring, especially when they come wrapped in a jangly bright melody with an extra sparkly vibe. “Don’t You Give Up”  is the new single by Amsterdam-based electro pop trio Dansu, and it is crazy catchy! Listen to our Song Pick of the Day[…]

SONG PICK: Prinze George – Mind Over

“Mind Over” is a new track by Brooklyn trio Prinze George. “You’re let me take your mind over” Naomi Alquist sings, but if you want to know how and why, you need to speak French or maybe Spanish. If you don’t – like me – you will still enjoy how[…]

SONG PICK: Grapetooth – Violent

With the combination of a steady, pulsating beat, charmingly raspy vocals and a youthful feel-good-vibe, “Violent” is as irresistible as the promise of cool water splashing from a fire hydrant on a hot Summer day. The ultra-catchy “Violent” is the second single by Chicago-based duo Grapetooth. For some, the vocals[…]