SONG PICK: Akine – No Gold

“She has gold running through her fingers, it turns to mold, yes she was a thinker, but now she’s sold, to the highest bidder”. At 17 years old and at the beginning of a career in the music industry – which saw many of such stories – one wishes that[…]

SONG PICK: Teen Ravine – Bad Dream

Toronto-based duo Teen Ravine, comprised of Nick Rose and Dan Griffin, continue where Lionel Ritchie left off 35 years ago. Their new single “Bad Dream” with its soulful piano and mellow vocals is reminiscent of “Penny Lover” in its beautiful melancholy and overall solid early 80s vibe. The lyrical context is[…]

SONG PICK: Ash – Naked

There is music that floats around you, immediately brings you into a relaxed mood and makes you want to move to the beats. The new track “Naked” by Canada via Hawaii artist Ash does exactly that and you would not think that she lives on a farm, given the night-out-in-the-city,[…]

VIDEO: Iyamah – Silver Over Gold

I cannot get this song out of my head. Maybe that is what happens to you too when you watch the inspiring video “Silver Over Gold” by U.K. singer/songwriter Iyamah. She gives the following background: This song means a lot to me because it’s written about the two most important[…]

SONG PICK: Archie Faulks – It Rains

Hard to believe that “It Rains” would be any musician’s debut single, as it is hauntingly beautiful and exquisitely executed. Well, it is the debut single by London-based singer/songwriter Archie Faulk, whose music became -unsurprisingly- rather popular in 2014 and there after, under the moniker Tenterhook. So there is a reason why[…]

SONG PICK: Be The Bear – I Don’t Want To

Here is your anthem for the rest of the summer! After her darker debut single “Erupt”, Be The Bear from Sweden is back with a feel-good, elevating sing-along pop song. “Bring me the sun / Or my life will be over / They say I should wait for it /[…]

SONG PICK: Henry Nowhere – Not Going Back

“Not Going Back”, marks the second single and title track from Henry Nowhere‘s upcoming EP and it is captivating in its mellow flow. Like a mantra, Henry Moser aka Henry Nowhere repeats the three words again and again, to assure the listener and to promise himself to “Not Going Back”,[…]

VIDEO: FRND – Before U I Didn’t Exist

Confession: I never watched “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” yet there might be a few references to the cult classic in FRND‘s new video for his the super catchy “Before U I Didn’t Exist”. The track is destined to be a huge hit and a no-brainer for any party music playlist. The[…]

SONG PICK: Julietta – Smooth Sailing

“Smooth Sailing” is the perfect name for the single and new album by New York singer/songwriter Julietta, not only because it puts the right images in your mind for the season, but also for the music that hits the perfect mix between chill and party vibes. Think pre-sunset at the[…]

PHOTOS: Mars Motel live at Mercury Lounge

Approaching Mercury Lounge on a recent Thursday night, I see a long line of people waiting patiently to get inside the club. No surprise here, since two exciting New York-based bands were about to perform at the longstanding Lower East Side venue. First up were Mayve, a pop rock trio from[…]