SONG PICK: elegant slims – Hemisphere

For now there we have only music and cover art by Norwegian painter Linda Syvestsen from New York artist elegant slims. Everything else around her is a mystery and we learn hopefully more in the months to come. But then, her latest track “Hemisphere” is such an excellent piece of[…]

SONG PICK: Margot Polo – Dance With Me

No room for misinterpretation because “Dance With Me” goes directly after your partner’s hand, so you can head onto the dance floor together. While the lyrics are to the point, the music doubles down on the theme with its four-on-the-floor dance beat and its overall blissful vibe. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter[…]

SONG PICK: Moderate Rebels – I Love Today

“I Love Today” is a good motto live by, but if you hear the London-based collective Moderate Rebels sing it, some doubts may arise. There is a good deal of chaos in their latest single and some anger seems to shine through. The band’s statement also leaves things rather open:[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Deitre – Feeling Good

“Feeling Good” by New York-based glam rock duo Deitre, is a superbly upbeat track, that takes its title seriously and so does the video which we are excited to exclusively premiere today. “Feeling Good” is one of the eleven tracks of Deitre’s last year released debut album and it got[…]

SONG PICK: Danelle Sandoval – Hands (feat. French Braids)

Hesitant at first, only a few rain drops sprinkling the city streets, before settling for a pattern of a steady drizzle, a light Summer rain is welcomed for its refreshing feel and is fascinating in its rhythm. The same goes for “Hands”, the new gorgeous single by Danelle Sandoval. The[…]

SONG PICK: Jeffe – Undecided

Jeffe – simply pronounced “Jeff” – has it all down with her second release “Undecided”: layered, intimate vocals deliver a stream of consciousness over an electronic backdrop that doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go. All in all, the state of being “100% undecided” can hardly be better[…]

SONG PICK: Charles Fauna – The Boatman

Undoubtedly the darkest, yet with that potentially also the most moving track on Charles Fauna‘s just released debut EP “Eulogy”, “The Boatman” is a true masterpiece of alternative pop. There’s a distinct feeling of uneasiness, a wall of thick fog, there is some sort of an electronic version of the[…]

SONG PICK: Sumi – Bullshit Detector

Brooklyn via Japan artist Sumi is calling liars out with her latest track “Bullshit Detector”. What she calls a “comedic theatrical silly dance track” has actually a lot of power: turn up the hammering beat, relentless synths and Sumi’s angry vocals when you’re venting next time about somebody giving you[…]

SONG PICK: The Eiffels – Heartbeat

We have “Body Like That” still in our ears and rotating in our playlist, and then The Eiffels dish up a new dance pop gem with “Heartbeat”. This time around, the L.A.-based trio approach their song creation on a slightly different note, more punctuated with more room to let Sean Ulbs’[…]