VIDEO: The Diamond Age – Morning Pages

On my playlist rotation for a little over two weeks, “Morning Pages” always stood out as a fantastic indie rock song that I wanted to feature but never got around to. I especially liked the breathy development of the track and how it ends. Today, while playing the single to[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Genève – Orbit

“I’m in orbit around you.” Being connected and attracted, but eternally distant, that is the topic of the new song “Orbit” by L.A.-based singer/producer Genève. After her also space-themed, more clubby debut “Constellation” in 2016, she turns it down a bit with a quieter, more emotional track. Genève produced the[…]

SONG PICK: Charlotte & Thieves – The Machine

Quick! How many Norwegian bands do you know? Hm… yeah… and similar to the pop supergroup that comes to mind (at least to those of us who lived through the 80s), this emerging alt rock quartet called Charlotte & Thieves, has some of their famous fellow citizens’ hallmarks: uncanny talent for irresistible[…]

Q&A with Mammút (#airwaves18)

Flights and hotel room are booked, more than 200 Icelandic and international acts are announced, and so anticipation for Iceland Airwaves 2018 is getting in full gear. We start our pre-coverage with one of our favorite Icelandic bands, the fabulous Mammút, who we didn’t see on their home turf yet[…]

VIDEO: Abbi Press – Deep Breath

Watch Brooklyn singer/producer Abbi Press roller-skating through New York City, above and below ground in the video for her new song “Deep Breath”:

SONG PICK: Blak Emoji – Another Club Night

Avid Blak Emoji fans ever since singer/songwriter and frontman Kelsey Warren released “Sapiosexual” two years ago, we got treated to one beautiful pop rock gem after the other. With “Another Club Night”, New York-based collective Blak Emoji might have reached new heights, because this is one exceptionally hot and vibrant[…]

SONG PICK: Æmma – House Of Hym

Tribal drums and a piano carry a story full of mystery and dark emotion in “House Of Hym”, the debut track by London-based singer/songwriter æmma. She is classical trained, plays multiple instruments and produced the song herself – where else will she go with her music? We will learn more[…]

SONG PICK: Little Man – As One

Unperturbed by current trends, Minneapolis-based trio Little Man make music as if it was 1973 and not 45 years later. Then again, 2018 might just be the year for psychedelic glam rock to make its biggest comeback to date, if it was ever out of style completely. But why pondering such thoughts,[…]

SONG PICK: She Drew The Gun – Resister

“Resister” is a call to arms and fight for change, a theme that will run through the upcoming album “Revolution Of Mind” by U.K. band She Drew The Gun. Frontwoman Louisa Roach explains: Empowerment; resisting; arming yourself with knowledge; questioning the status quo, questioning your own state of mind and[…]

SONG PICK: Joe Wood – Parking Lots

“Parking Lots” brims with feelings of youth and falling in love, when everything was still possible but nothing was ever easy. The irresistibly catchy track is the new single by electro-pop artist Joe Wood and would make a compelling soundtrack addition to any romantic movie, with its anthemic chorus and joyful[…]