SONG PICK: Ume – Crushed

“Do not grow up” and keep your dreams alive. That is Lauren Larson’s advice in the new video “Crushed” of Austin-based trio Ume. She gives some further background about the song: It’s a love song to my daughter,” she continued. “It’s also a reminder to ourselves to keep chasing those[…]

SONG PICK: Dysplay – Hey Charli

“Hey Charli” by Los Angeles-based duo Dysplay hits all the right tones with its warm and fuzzy vibe and catchy melody. Behind the moniker Dysplay are Eric Scullin and Devin Hoffman, two seasoned musicians with impressive backgrounds in production, songwriting, and composition, which they put to great use on their[…]

SONG PICK: Jessie Munro – Under Fire

L.A.-based singer/songwriter Jessie Munro feels “Under Fire” by the expectation of others. Her debut song is an energetic, powerful piece of pop music that exemplifies her resolve to move on and let not others hold her back. That fits well into the theme of her debut EP “On My Own”,[…]

SONG PICK: Accidental Muse – Summertime Feeling

While the artist behind the moniker Accidental Muse keeps his persona hidden, his debut single “Summertime Feeling” deserves to receive some spotlight because it is a bright and swirly electro pop gem, ready for this season’s dance floors. The Los Angeles-based musician has toured as guitarist for hire for well-known acts like Doobie[…]

SONG PICK: Nic Pool – The Falls

We were big fans of the New York trio Twin Wave and while there is nothing new from them, we are happy to report that singer Nick Williams – now based on the West Coast – is back with a new project Nic Pool. His debut track “The Falls” is[…]

PHOTOS: glamglare presents: Strangers on the Internet, Black Gold Buffalo, The Foxfires, Jenny Judge

Summer joy, carefreeness, summer solstice, and a hot Saturday night filled with fantastic music and great live performances all around! We could not have been happier about this exquisite lineup and everybody in attendance thought so too. Kicking off the night was Jenny Judge, the only artist that evening we[…]

SONG PICK: Memory Bells – Day at a Time

Los Angeles based indie rockers  Memory Bells make it hard not to fall for their new single “Day at a Time” with an upbeat chorus like “come on, wake up, there is no need to worry” and its crazy catchy melody. The quartet used to be a trio under the name[…]

SONG PICK: Lunafruit – Rise

“Rise” is the second single by London three-piece Lunafruit, telling the story of early morning reflections about a relationship. Impeccably produced, melodic, bright and uplifting it changes its mood a few times and makes you want to rewind and just listen another time. Listen to “Rise”, our Song Pick of[…]

NEW MUSIC: Odina – Nothing Makes Sense EP

If you followed glamglare over the last six months, you know most of Odina’s new EP already. But listening to the songs in sequence now reveals how Odina is continuously expanding here range. “Nothing Makes Sense” is the third EP of the London-based Spanish singer/songwriter and contains five tracks, including[…]


“Everything… is not enough” sings Philip Winiger in “Alles”, the new glorious single by San Francisco-based trio INHALT. The track keeps it with INHALT’s signature sound of pronounced beats, lots of (analog) synths and cryptic lyrics often sung in German. Like no other song by INHALT, this one though specifically[…]