PHOTOS: glamglare presents: Strangers on the Internet, Black Gold Buffalo, The Foxfires, Jenny Judge



PHOTOS: glamglare presents: Strangers on the Internet, Black Gold Buffalo, The Foxfires, Jenny Judge

Summer joy, carefreeness, summer solstice, and a hot Saturday night filled with fantastic music and great live performances all around! We could not have been happier about this exquisite lineup and everybody in attendance thought so too.

Kicking off the night was Jenny Judge, the only artist that evening we had hosted before, and who surprised us with a brand new and at times breathtakingly beautiful set. Darker, than we remembered Jenny Judge solo or as part of indie-electronic duo Cameo Bell, her music is truly emotive. An EP is in the making, and if this recent live music treat is any indication, it should be splendid.

Next up a quartet from as far away as New Jersey, bringing their own brand of jangly, passionate indie rock onto the stage of The Delancey. The Foxfires‘ set was great fun to follow. We hope Christian Diana, Adam Kahn,
Christian Cordero and Brandon Vallejo will leave their state more often to play shows in New York. Experiencing their latest, affirmative single  “Don’t Give Up” live, was special.

The venue truly filled up when our guests from England were about to perform. We’ve said it on many occasions already that Black Gold Buffalo‘s self-titled album is among our top favorite albums of this year and so I had butterflies in my stomach, dancing for excitement and joy. Keziah Stilwell (vocals), Hannah Holland (bass), Joy Joseph (drums) and Marc Hayward (guitar, backing vocals) did so much more than “not disappoint” or “exceeding our expectations”. Keziah had us all on her finger tips, following her every move and a 45 minutes set was over in a gorgeous and blissful New York second. More of this, please!

No small feat to close out the night after such an electrifying performance but Strangers on the Internet could very well hold their own with their eclectic genre mix. Being the owners of Secret Loft, an incredible performance venue, we were delighted to be able to welcome Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhausen on a glamglare showcase, and so were all fans, old and new alike.

While our parties are usually followed by DJs, that night saw yet another whirlwind of performances and when we found ourselves outside, in the warm summer rain, we knew for real that the mesmerizing music part of the night was over but from the vibe we got, the parties continued individually, somewhere…

Our next glamglare Live NYC shows are on July 28th and  August 25th at The Delancey, come out and see emerging artists before they play only the bigger stages. To get a visual taste, click on a photo and start browsing:

All concert photos by – © 2017 Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard

Listen to Black Gold Buffalo

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