SONG PICK: Satellite Mode – Terrified

„Tell me why I love being terrified?“ asks singer Jessica Carvo. Good question, but listen to the new song „Terrified“ by New York electro-pop band Satellite Mode and you‘ll get an answer. There is more to discover in the track: producer Alex Marko drops quirky classic horror movie sounds all[…]

VIDEO: Battery Operated Orchestra – Bella

The Australian/Scottish synth pop duo Battery Operated Orchestra celebrated summer with a mostly upbeat animated video “Bella” created by singer Brigitte Rose. But they take their musical inspiration from the 80s and add a dose of the dark side of that decade too. The ten track album “Snare” is announced[…]

SONG PICK: RALPH – Tables Have Turned

Like many a great pop songs, “Tables Have Turned” starts out quite innocently, not immediately giving away what catchy hooks and other sparkling surprises lie ahead further in. The newest single by Toronto-based musician RALPH delights with funky dance beats, R&B tinged vocals and a top-notch disco vibe that is[…]


Yasmeen Al-Mazeedi has been around in the music industry as a violinist and songwriter with an impressive list of projects. Now she released her solo debut under the name YAS, which features an atypical use for “Poison”: as a way to forget that a painful breakup ever happened. The song[…]

SONG PICK: Tom Anderson – Money

It is impossible to resist the laid back yet groovy vibe of “Money”, the new single by Liverpool-based artist Tom Anderson. The song beautifully showcases maybe Tom Anderson’s strongest feature namely his ultra gorgeous, versatile vocals which we came to love already when he was fronting indie-rockers Venus Demilo. “Money” also[…]

NEW MUSIC: Lial – Heart Scars EP

London-based DIY musician Lial writes thoughtful, somewhat melancholic but catchy electro pop songs. Four of them are out now on a new EP “Heart Scars” including a brand new track “Split My Skin”. Stream “Split My Skin” on SoundCloud: Listen to the new “Heart Scars” EP below: Follow Lial on[…]

SONG PICK: Rynn – Tokyo

Spending time in a place far away from home, in distance and culture, is a good way of finding to yourself and put things into perspective. For L.A.-based singer/songwriter Rynn this happened in Tokyo and she wrote a shimmering, floating pop song about it. She recalls: Tokyo holds one of[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Oriel Poole – Brighter

While the title of the new Oriel Poole single is „Brighter“, it starts in a dark corner, with Oriel seductively whispering in your ear over slithering bass lines and heavy beats. Then, as the song progresses, she is releasing you with lighter notes and swirling synths – after all her[…]

SONG PICK: Spirit Award – Supreme Truth

“Supreme Truth” starts out all bright, with jangly guitars in slightly unnerving harmonies yet overall comforting thanks to the steady beat and the warm, 60s-tinged vocals. But then the track tightens and darkens and draws the listener in further and further. What a mesmerizing psych-pop gem! “Supreme Truth” is the[…]

SONG PICK: Shady Groves – Quiet Wolf

Wrapped in cheerful, summery guitar vibes, “Quiet Wolf” is initially hiding its darker undertones which become clearer when Dylan Coran‘s vocals set in, telling a story of heartbreak and difficult times. “Quiet Wolf” is the first single from Shady Groves‘ upcoming sophomore album “Dreamboat”.  Since its early beginnings, the Detroit-based band[…]