SONG PICK: Voiid – Not For You

Angry, noisy punk often feels dated in a world where everybody has access to so many more musical tools than just shredding guitars. But when done well, a punk song can carry you away with high energy levels and make you feel empowered. “Not For You” by the Australian quartet[…]

SONG PICK: Charlie Hole – The Ballad of Anne Beverly

“The Ballad of Anne Beverly” is an incredibly awesome piece of melodic and lyrical story telling, something very deep and moving. Equipped with soulful and occasionally raspy vocals, as well as profound guitar chops, British singer/songwriter Charlie Hole cranks out this story of Sid Vicious’ mother and makes it go[…]

glamglare picks for Northside Festival 2018

Northside Festival celebrates its 10th birthday, which alone is already quite an accomplishment. Congrats! While some things have evolved and changed over time, like for example there is no longer a film part, or free shows at McCarren Park, there is still a rather impressive Innovation conference going on, and of[…]

NEW MUSIC: Parcels – Tieduprightnow (Live in New York)

Berlin-based Aussie quintet Parcels combine two elements in their new video for “Tieduprightnow” that are a winning formula: a live band performance with New York City as the backdrop. Throw in an alluring tune and really nothing can go wrong. Super charming! The band filmed the video while staying in the[…]


Singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Simon XO, originally from San Diego, now Los Angeles-based, creates his own version of electro-pop by combining explorative synths, tape loops, electric guitars, sampled drums and at times aggressive vocals. With “My Love” Simon XO makes best use of his skills and produces something very special[…]

SONG PICK: Free Love – Synchronicity

Free Love is the new name of the duo of Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook, who make disco-inspired music in Glasgow, Scotland. Their latest song “Synchronicity” is a dance song that makes you want to drop the shackles of day-to-day life and swirl through the night. Listen to “Synchronicity” on[…]

SONG PICK: Annabel Allum – Em(ily)

Here’s to the best friends who help us through difficult times. In case of U.K. singer/songwriter Annabel Allum this is Emily, who tells her “to keep it real”. As a thank you, Annabel named a song after her on the new EP “Sorry I’m Not Perceptible” (Apple Music | Spotify).[…]

SONG PICK: Charles Cleyn – Decisions

There is absolutely no reason why “Decisions”, the debut single by Charles Cleyn, couldn’t become one of this Summer’s big hits. The alluring pop track pulls all the right strings like lovely melody, pleasing guitar strumming, impressive harmonies, versatile vocals and a killer hook. All this makes “Decisions” a rather irresistible[…]