SONG PICK: Among The Citizens – Words Mean Nothing

Swirly, jangly guitars, paired with an urgency of the exiting kind and alluring, desert dry vocals, this describes “Words Mean Nothing” in a nutshell. “Words Mean Nothing” is the new single by English quartet Among The Citizens. The vibe we are getting and from what we have learned about this young[…]

SONG PICK: Lucy Mason – Out Of The Blue

“Out Of The Blue” is a grand song full of nostalgia and melancholia, but also understanding and hope: nothing lasts forever and friends that have been once important to you can vanish into the blue. London-via-Sydney singer/songwriter Lucy Mason gives some background about “Out Of The Blue”: Over the years[…]

VIDEO: Substance Abuse – Bridges

It is hard to escape the allure of this song by L.A. duo Substance Abuse with or without visuals. It is “a track that was jazzy, positive, and upbeat but with a message that the modern audiences could relate to,” reminiscent of times that – in hindsight – somehow seem[…]

SONG PICK: Yellow Shoots – Magic On My Pillow

“Magic On My Pillow” is a wonderful track that grabs your attention right from the start and keeps you on your toes until the very end. The song is as soulful as it is unexpected, and bottom line highly compelling! New York-based indie artist/producer Greg Matthews, who goes by the[…]

SONG PICK: Drinker – Follow

“If I Can make you follow, I think we might find our way.” The new song “Follow” by NYC/LA duo Drinker unfolds somewhere between dream and reality, as singer Aaron Mendelsohn explains: Reattaching to the modern world after a hiatus in my mind, I return to find myself lost, alone,[…]

SONG PICK: The Solarists – CRYPTK

Without doing the saxophone player any wrong because they are totally going for a jazzy vibe here, the sax pieces also remind me of the sounds of Central Park in Summer when you find someone with a sax in their hands and playing some tunes on almost every corner. What[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: The FMs – Extender

“Extender” does not dilly-dally around but makes it unmistakably clear that the setting is out of our usual comfort zone, with its brooding, slightly disturbing sounds, evoking the vibe from “Blade Runner” to “The Fifth Element” and the likes. The futuristic ambience of the song, is also the theme of[…]

SONG PICK: Silk Cinema – No More

London duo Silk Cinema likes to let their music speak for itself. “No More” is their latest release, a soulful piece of synth pop about making a tough decision to end something that just does not go right. It is a song that could be in place in a swanky[…]

VIDEO: Frankiie – Dream Reader

Try to read this dream! Vancouver four-piece Frankiie shows you an example for an hyper-realistic that does not make sense, but maybe it does – who knows? In the bigger picture, dreams play a role in where Frankiie is today, as a band as one member explains: I was struggling[…]