SONG PICK: The Rareflowers – New Generation

Like the mid-day sun paints glittering and fleeting pictures on a body of water, just as beautifully unfolds “New Generation”, a track destined to complete every Summer party playlist. Based in Brunswick, New Jersey, The Rareflowers are comprised of brothers Jimmy (guitar, lead vocals) and Kane Maraday (bass, vocals) and Aaron Gollubier[…]

SONG PICK: JØUR – American Nightmare

“What if I can’t wake up from this American Dream?” For JØUR, singer/songwriter from Minnesota, the life she is supposed to strive for turns out be a trap. But as the music builds from a chilling pop track to a big finale, it becomes clear that we all might be[…]

SONG PICK: Altopalo – Terra

A couple of Summers ago, I stumbled across Brooklyn-based four-piece Altopalo, and loved their intelligent, somewhat quirky yet definitely appealing sound from the spot. Fast forward, Altopalo has been releasing several singles earlier this year, and continue to put out new music with their new super intriguing single “Terra”. A debut album titled[…]

SONG PICK: Hockeysmith – Holy War

When Hockeysmith from Cornwall, England appeared first in 2014 I could not have been more excited about their edgy mix of electronic and guitars. But then it became quiet about them until the they released a couple more tracks two years later, just to soon disappear again. Now, after Georgie[…]

SONG PICK: Uon – Who Loves You Now (Video)

You never want to be on the receiving end of this question: “Who Loves You Now?”. Anna Sharifi, singer in the Berlin-based synth-pop duo Uon makes it unmistakably clear, with deadpan vocals how serious the situation is. Add an intriguing electronic production, with a mix of dance beats and bits[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Beverly Girl – Change Begins With You

Listening to Beverly Girl, a place like Helsinki, Finland does not easily come to mind more likely hot club scene spots like Ibiza, Cancun or maybe Los Angeles, where the trio will perform tomorrow. Undoubtedly in their repertoire, their brand new single “Change Begins With You”, which we are excited[…]

SONG PICK: Erika Davidson – Memory Lane

Sometimes, all it takes is one little line to let an entire story unfold: when Erika Davidson smoothly intones “I don’t want your name, but I need this dance”, heartbreak sets in immediately. “Memory Lane” is a bittersweet song, one that dances on the beautiful moments that have been, and[…]

NEW MUSIC: Eliza Shaddad – My Body (Video)

Here is a gorgeous new song “My Body” by UK-based singer/songwriter Eliza Shaddad. The video is directed by Joe McCrae and feels like a glimpse in somebody’s mind where images flicker through the brain in a state of half-consciousness. Eliza’s full-length “Future” is expected for later this year. Watch the[…]