SONG PICK: Eleanor K – I Can Only See Me

“I look you in the eyes, but I can only see me,” Eleanor K sings in her new track about self-centeredness. At the surface it is an extremely catchy, somewhat mad power pop song, but listen carefully: like a mosaic it is put together from a diverse array of instruments[…]

SONG PICK: Michael Jablonka – Flump

Michael Jablonka shreds his guitar as if there was no tomorrow but that alone, albeit a substantial talent, is not what sets this London born and bread musician apart. In addition to his impressive guitar skills, he delights with versatile vocals and if this wasn’t enough, uncanny songwriting chops of the[…]

SONG PICK: Sylvie Kreusch – Seedy Tricks

Sylvie Kreusch is a musician from Belgium and “Seedy Tricks” is her debut single under her real name. Love at the borderline to obsession is her theme and “Seedy Tricks” could well be the music for some sort of voodoo ritual: tribal drums driving dark synth lines and Sylvie’s vocals[…]

NEW MUSIC: Ay Wing – Strange (Video)

“Strange” is a delightful, super-catchy pop song, but then watch the video: Berlin-based singer/songwriter Ay Wing casts herself as a variety of iconic female film characters. Strange indeed, but it also serves as a reference to identity in our hyper connected times. Ay Wing explains: Strange’ tries to find humour[…]

SONG PICK: HYMMJ – Magnetic Heart

Berlin-based quartet HYMMJ (haitch wye em em jay) follows the success of their 2017 released debut EP “A Potential Cause For Rain” with a gorgeous new track from their upcoming sophomore EP due in Fall. This new single titled “Magnetic Heart” shows more of their exquisite songwriting skills. Singer and[…]

SONG PICK: Odina – I’m Not Asking

It is no secret that at glamglare we are big fans of the London-based singer/songwriter Odina. Her vocals and the skillful, simple arrangements draw you into her songs and make it impossible to come out unmoved on the other side. “I’m Not Asking”, her latest track is no exception as[…]

SONG PICK: Westerman – Edison

Even after a good half-dozen listens to “Edison”, I haven’t fully wrapped my head around how the track goes so seemingly effortlessly from mellow and minor to increasingly more major and optimistic without really modifying much. The change happens gradually, like stripping leaves upon leaves from an artichoke until eventually[…]

SONG PICK: Heroine Twin – You Will Never Own Me

“You Will Never Own Me” is the contemporary answer to the old vow “I’ll Make You Mine”, which some probably still consider romantic. Not so Marina Sprenger, lead singer of indie rock five-piece Heroine Twin: in an earthy and grungy rock songs she asserts forcefully her independence, forever. We don’t[…]

VIDEO: Alice Phoebe Lou & Olmo – Devil’s Sweetheart

Watch this beautifully filmed and captivating video for “Devil’s Sweetheart”, a collaboration between Berlin-based singer/songwriters Alice Phoebe Lou and Olmo: Listen to “Devil’s Sweetheart” on Spotify: