SONG PICK: Pavan – My Optical Best

A few sounds express ‘spring’ and ‘nature’ better than the chirping of birds and one must be quite the curmudgeon to not feel an instant mood boost by this kind of noise. Add a heartbeat inspired rhythm and exquisitely bright vocals to it, introduce other kinds of sound to it[…]


Camille and Teddy, two artists from DC, came together through their shared love for music and – naturally – ended up forming a band, NUEX. „Eyes“ is their second single off their upcoming EP „Affectus“, an elevating electro pop piece with decisively dark undertones. „I got eyes on you… nothing[…]

SONG PICK: Kastrup – Joanna

While I probably have to wait… forever until someone creates a great (!) song with my first name in it, I am always especially drawn to tracks featuring a female or male first name. “Joanna” is not only a lovely female name but in the case of Kastrup also the[…]

SONG PICK: San Mei – Wonder

“You got the hands on my heart with a look and I start wonder about you” – you might know this situation too: you see somebody, maybe on your morning commute in the subway and are immediately fascinated with that person, naturally without an agenda. Australian singer/songwriter Emily Hamilton aka[…]

SONG PICK: Foreign Air – Loud Magic

Sadness can be something surprisingly beautiful, especially when it comes in form of such an exquisite track as “Loud Magic”, the new single by Los Angeles-based duo Foreign Air. The song’s melody is kept in minor keys, floating over heavy beats, and this would be a seriously dark affair was[…]

SONG PICK: Hoodlem – Last Night

Like Wednesday’s Song Pick of the Day, this song is anything but straight-forward. Toronto musician Hoodlem serves a wild concoction of sounds and beats that somehow come together into an appealing future pop track. It may be her vocals and the familiar R&B hooks that hold the song together and[…]

PHOTOS: Smoke Season Live at Rough Trade NYC

In our era of having the world on our finger tips via smart phones’ intelligence, it is no longer easy to get utterly surprised yet exactly that happened to me and probably some others in attendance. Without having heard a single song of Los Angeles-based duo Smoke Season, I found myself[…]

SONG PICK: Yip Yops – She

It would be easy to dismiss “She” as ‘yet another pop rock song’ by lending the track solely a few seconds of attention because what unravels is truly extraordinary! Los Angeles-based quartet  Yip Yops allows them themselves to not only be creative musically but also to play with expectations. The listener[…]