SONG PICK: Lhasa Petik – Fading

You might be inclined to lean back, close your eyes and dream of a sunset at the beach when “Fading” starts, but not for long: Canadian singer/songwriter Lhasa Petik has many more tricks in her bag. While the acoustic guitar holds the track together and gives it an intimate feel,[…]

NEW MUSIC: Elle Exxe – Queen (Video)

The video for “Queen” by Scottish singer/songwriter Elle Exxe speaks very much for itself as a celebration of women. Elle Exxe gives some background: I’m so proud of the ‘Queen’ video, I can’t watch it without crying tears of happiness. The song came out of a moment where I felt[…]

SONG PREMIERE: The Rungs – Trees

It’s exciting to see a band developing their own characteristic sound and continue to advancing it further. “Trees”, the new single by Brooklyn-based alt-pop trio The Rungs, might just be their best piece yet to date. The track offers everything we came to love from The Rungs: their exquisite guitar work,[…]

SONG PICK: Fufanu – Hourglass

For long time fans of Iceland’s hottest trio, the seemingly new musical direction of their brand new single might not even come as such a big surprise. While “Hourglass” is in deed a bit of a detour from what we have heard on Fufanu’s fantastic album “Sports”, it is definitely in[…]

PHOTOS: Frida Sundemo live at Elsewhere Zone One

Elsewhere Zone One is a rather intimate venue, but if you closed your eyes at Frida Sundemo’s show on May 17, you could easily imagine her standing in front of a 50-piece orchestra at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Her uplifting power pop with titles like “We Are[…]

SONG PICK: Anna Aaron – Why Not?

Anna Aaron, musician from Basel, Switzerland, is having it: “Why not suck at the most basic human decency?” In her 3:10 minutes rant, she bitterly complains about somebody’s inability to so things the right way. A mean baseline, booming drums, lots of cowbells and her deadpan vocals help to bring[…]

SONG PICK: Phil Simmonds – Drive

And along comes “Drive”, a track so instantly appealing that there’s no escape but to keep on listening to all its 4 minutes and 23 seconds, bathing in intelligent rhythm changes and hauntingly beautiful vocals. “Drive” is the new single by Phil Simmonds who exchanged his home in England with[…]

SONG PICK: Basement Revolver – Baby (Album announcement)

A happy relationship is not everything. In fact, if your partner is not the primary source for your emotional trouble, other things can bring up restlessness and discontent. “Baby”, the new track by Canadian three-piece Basement Revolver, is about that and the challenge to not let your partner down in[…]

SONG PICK: Pet Fangs – Bitch, Baby.

A title like “Bitch, Baby.” sets the stakes high, and so I had great expectations upon hitting the play-button. The first lines that singer Joe Stark delivers are “Girl, I want you more than money”, and I was sold. A song with that much swagger can only be crazy good[…]