SONG PICK: Sleep Thieves – Aching Bones

Our Song Pick of the Day, “Aching Bones” is the new alluring dark synth pop track by Dublin three-piece Sleep Thieves. An ominous bass line, wailing synths and singer Sorcha Brennan’s chilling vocals create an unsettling premonition, which might indeed rob you of your sleep. Listen to “Aching Bones” on[…]

SONG PICK: Not.Your.Regular.Boy. – Crazyland

There are many songs featuring crazy catchy hooks that are usually more on the bright side, the ones in “Crazyland” though beg to differ being of the darker kind with shiny sparkles thrown in. “Crazyland” is the debut single by Ferry de Ruiter, hailing from Amsterdam and creating his own[…]

NEW MUSIC: Still & Storm – All Of These Things (Video)

Still & Storm is the project of Rachel and Dave Raymond, a couple from Chicago. Rachel is a big fan of 90s grunge music, but instead of paying a straightforward homage to the genre, the duo electrified it into a hard-hitting, melancholic pop song. Watch the video for “All Of[…]

SONG PICK: Flora Cash – 18 Dollars

Flora Cash defies a good deal of the stereotypes of your usual boy/girl duo: Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall both equally sing and play the instruments, which makes them sound more integrated than many of their peers. Their new single “18 Dollars” is a good example: it merges a sophisticated[…]

SONG PICK: Mainland – Villains

Mainland, who call both, California and New York their home, have found their voice and sound because their just released EP “Villains” is nothing short but stunning! It features familiar Mainland ingredients like catchy hooks and versatile vocals, in a more exquisite wrapping, Aside from last year’s anthemic “I Found[…]

NEW MUSIC: More Giraffes – Dinosaur

“Dinosaur” oozes massive amounts of playful, child-like joy, dispensed as sparkly pop candy. The second single by L.A.-based duo More Giraffes, comprised of Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford, shows once again their incredible talent for catchy and likable pop songs. Listen to “Dinosaur” now: For your Spotify playlist:

SONG PICK: Sampson – Damned

“Damned if we do, damned if we don’t,” an unpleasant, but probably familiar situation that Sampson, a singer/songwriter from Halifax on the Canadian east coast describes in her latest single “Damned”. It is one of 12 songs on her debut album “Dark Sky Nights” (Apple Music | Spotify), which she[…]

NEW MUSIC: Mothica – Water Me Down & More

Brooklyn musician Mothica is very busy these days: not only she has embarked on a headlining U.S. tour, she also released two new songs. The first one is “Chasing Lights”, a collaboration with producer duo Memba— listen on SoundCloud: Then there is “Water Me Down”, a brand new single, the[…]

SONG PICK: Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic

“Pink Magic”, the latest single by English indie rockers Fizzy Blood comes not only with some crazy, instantly catchy hooks but also a lot of swagger and the best of what Brit pop/rock has to offer. What a party banger! Well done. It is always a special treat to learn something[…]

New Music: ANIQO – Chess (Video)

“Chess” as a metaphor for life: every round brings new decisions and us closer to winning or losing. The new song by German singer/songwriter ANIQO builds up suspense with sparse beats and electronics, but then it never releases you: unlike the game, the chess of life never ends. “Chess” is[…]