NEW MUSIC: Montaigne – Glorious Heights album

Montaigne is from Australia and has been making a splash down under since the release of her debut album “Glorious Heights” in 2016, which has been now released worldwide. If you like high-energy, feel good power pop, this is the album for you: Checkout the wonderful single “Because I Lover[…]

SXSW 2018: Q&A with Pretty City

Pretty City are the only SXSW alumni on our showcase, having played the festival in 2016 for the first time, and returning again this year for a second time. Two years ago was also when we instantly became friends with Drew Schapper (drums), Hugh Matthew (vocals, guitar), and Johnny Rock (guitar, vocals).[…]

SONG PICK: Trace – Blood And Bones

“Blood And Bones” is about a complicated stage in a relationship, when your ideas of the other person does not necessarily match up with reality. L.A. singer/producer Trace gives us some background about the song: There’s something so romantic about seeing someone for the first time and feeling like you[…]

SONG PICK: pronoun – run

Indie pop-rocker Alyse Vellturo, who goes by pronoun, continues to create beautiful lo-fi tracks that snug on you and “run” is no exception. There are bright synths, pronoun’s dead pan vocals, some really cool guitar lines and a decisive garage feel to the essentially optimistic song, about which the Brooklyn-based artist says:[…]

SXSW 2018: Q&A with Blonde Maze

2017 saw New York-based electro-pop artist Blonde Maze, perform in venues as diverse as Music Hall of Williamsburg, Knitting Factory or The Delancey. As long time fans of Blonde Maze, aka Amanda Steckler, we were also delighted to feature her at some of our New York shows, and are thrilled to welcome[…]

NEW MUSIC: Tarantina – I’m A Loner (Video)

“I’m A Loner” is even without visuals a dramatic and gripping song about coping with the end of a relationship. London-based artist Tarantina teamed up with director Samuel Thomas to bring the song to life in a disturbingly cold and inhuman urban setting. Tarantina explains: I Am A Loner is[…]

SONG PICK: Mïrändä – Glow

It is so good to hear new music from New York singer/producer Mïrändä after her excellent 2016 EP “Empire” (Apple Music | Spotify). The new track “Glow” skillfully blends classic synth textures with up-to-date production techniques, resulting in an airy, uplifting track that immediately sticks in your head. Mïrändä has[…]

NEW MUSIC: Candace – New Ruins Album

Oregon, the home state of dream pop trio Candace and “New Ruins”, their second album both spell summer for me. And that is exactly what we need here in the Northeast right now. But in any case, “New Ruins” is a laid-back, uplifting listening experience for all seasons. Listen to[…]

SONG PICK: The Eiffels – Body Like That

“Body Like That” instantly brightens even the dreariest of days with its exuberant 80s style synth rock, an unapologetically optimistic melody and a party beat that not just kindly asks for the dance floor but boldly demands it. Glittering synths lines, sparkling guitar riffs, hand claps thrown in, and frontman Sean[…]