SONG PICK: Frances Luke Accord – Maria

Expert, playful finger picking, beautiful tenor harmonies, carefully arranged, the South Bend-based duo Frances Luke Accord is up to something with their latest single “Maria”. Like their previous work, it puts Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers on the map of the new crop of  singer/songwriters rooted in the tradition of timeless legends[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sam Frankl – Patina

Opposites attract, which especially holds true in gorgeous tracks like “Patina”, the new single by British indie-pop artist Sam Frankl. The singer’s lush and bright vocals threaten to disappear in the sky, yet are being kept grounded by an earthy, hard-hitting rhythm section. The result? Something truly irresistible: Find “Patina”[…]

SXSW 2018: Q&A with GIRL SKIN

Welcoming GIRL SKIN to the Official glamglare SXSW Showcase feels like going full circle, because I remember vividly when I first listened to GIRL SKIN’s songs on SoundCloud, being completely enthralled, and consequently trying to book them for an upcoming glamglare show. Literally in the air, Sid confirmed his participation[…]

SONG PICK: Halo Maud – Tu Sais Comme Je Suis

“Tu Sais Comme Je Suis” – you know how I am – is the final statement in an ending relationship, after everything else is said. Paris-based musician Halo Maud sees this moment in a metaphorical way: This song is about the end of a love story, a kind of resigned[…]

NEW MUSIC: After London – After London EP

Four catchy but edgy indie rock tracks can be found on the self-titled debut EP by U.K. five-piece After London consisting of singer Francesca Ward together with Byron Ward, Will Ward, Jake Palmer and Alex Tiffany. Listen to single “Waiting for You” on SoundCloud: Check out the EP “After London”[…]

SONG PICK: åMBe – Ache

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer åMBe kicks off her year in music with “Ache”, an ultra-stunning electro-pop single. What might sound like misery on the surface, is essentially empowering, facing what ails you and overcoming it. There are some serious hooks in “Ache”, which all conclude in one big swirl of bright vocals,[…]

NEW MUSIC: Emmy Wildwood – Down Down

“Down Down” may sound light-hearted at first, but L.A. via Brooklyn singer/songwriter Emmy Wildwood tells the a story about “a downward spiral of addiction and self sabotage as coping mechanisms and the inevitable destruction that ensues when we live in denial of our demons”. Tough stuff and by wrapping it[…]

SXSW 2018: Q&A with I Am Snow Angel

A little less than two years ago, we wrote about I Am Snow Angel, the solo project of New York artist Julie Kathryn that “her brand of electronic music is airy and effortless, and her vocals enter your mind like a whisper in a dream”, which still holds true, and so[…]

SONG PICK: Falcon Jane – Go With The Flow (Video)

Canadian band Falcon Jane presents the perfect sonic and visual representation of the idea to “Go With The Flow”. This is what they call “Plez rock” and it is impossible to listen to the track without feeling a little more relaxed. This is exactly what singer Sarah May had in[…]

Song Pick: Pale Houses – The Ocean Bed

How can one single guitar chord hold so much longing and promise alike? It also only gets better as “The Ocean Bed” unfolds, morphing into an essentially optimistic track. The instantly appealing indie rock gem is the new single by Pale Houses, and will be on the Nashville-based quartet’s new EP[…]