SONG PICK: Rich Aucoin – The Dream

What would George Harrison do, when he put away his guitar or sitar, and dealt with modern technology? This is a question that popped up in my mind immediately when listening to “The Dream” by Nova-Scotia based artist Rich Aucoin. The song pleases with a distinct late 60s vibe, beautifully[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Roundup Day 3 – glamglare showcase

Countless hours of preparation, but on Wednesday the day of our showcase has finally arrived. We had a blast! Big thanks to everybody who could come out. Check out a few photos below – our full coverage will be up soon. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or[…]

SONG PICK: Cat Turner – Waster

“Waster” is an electronic pop piece, probably unlike anything else you’ve heard: Irish singer/producer Cat Turner lets a brooding arrangement of classic chiming synth sounds compete with a rough, unsettling vocal delivery, which you would rather expect for a blues song. The conflict she describes is sonically obvious in this[…]

SONG PICK: Eckhardt And The House – If You Cannot Talk

While Eckhardt And The House might not -yet- be a familiar name, Rik Elstgeest might ring a bell, and the producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and dramatist actor puts himself on the map with the stellar “If You Cannot Talk”. The song took my music loving heart three weeks ago already, and[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Day 2 Roundup

Tuesday was a day that felt like it had 100 hours. That Austrian lunch with Leyya, wasn’t it a week ago? That’s SXSW, so do more things on a day than usually in a week and still miss most of the festival. We’re still lagging on seeing live music, but[…]

NEW MUSIC: Mellow Gang – Temps

“Temps” is a song that floats around you like a warm stream of air: the U.K. four piece Mellow Gang creates a lush sonic backdrop for a story of the sometimes temporary nature of relationships. Singer/guitarist Harriet Joseph explains: We’ve actually tried to steer away from writing on personal relationships[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Day 1 Roundup

Coming from the North East Coast, experiencing a few days of early spring in Texas has almost as much allure as the some 2,000 we can see here at SXSW. The Austin weather doesn’t make it easy though: we were greeted with chilly wind albeit under a glorious blue sky.[…]

SONG PICK: iyamah – Cryptic Love

“Cryptic Love” is a great metaphor for the stage of a relationship where everybody is afraid to play their cards open, avoiding to get potentially hurt. The young U.K.-based singer/songwriter iyamah sees herself a victim of that behavior and set her complaint into a R&B track of classic elegance that[…]

SONG PICK: Monks In The Wood – No Love

A song title like “No Love” is a rather sad affair, and this new single by London-based indie rock five-piece Monks In The Woods stays on the melancholic side. “I have no interest to seeing you in a different light”, makes me wish there would be a chance for the two[…]

SONG PICK: TT – Love Leaks

TT is the solo project of Theresa Wayman, singer and guitarist in Warpaint, my favorite band. So I’m highly biased here and she probably could play “All My Little Ducklings” on a banjo for a glamglare Song Pick. But fortunately and not surprisingly “Love Leaks” is much better than that.[…]