SONG PICK: pronoun – run



SONG PICK: pronoun – run

Indie pop-rocker Alyse Vellturo, who goes by pronoun, continues to create beautiful lo-fi tracks that snug on you and “run” is no exception. There are bright synths, pronoun’s dead pan vocals, some really cool guitar lines and a decisive garage feel to the essentially optimistic song, about which the Brooklyn-based artist says:

“Run” is “a ball of frustration. It’s about someone you loved taking the easy way out and running away from the entire life you built together because times temporarily got tough.”

“Run” features an incredibly infectious chorus, that makes us want to chime in. Maybe it is the contrast between the darker lyrics and the upbeat sound that makes for the special appeal of the single. Listen to “run” our Song Pick of the Day:

Sadly, pronoun’s SXSW show is during glamglare’s showcase but here it is.

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