NEW MUSIC: Sera Eke – White Room (EP Announcement)

Here at glamglare we have been excited about everything that London-based singer/songwriter Sera Eke has released so far, but her latest track “White Room” might be my favorite. She does quote the German synth pioneers Kraftwerk as an inspiration, so the nod towards their 1983 masterpiece “Tour De France” may[…]

SONG PICK: Strangers On The Internet – Good Problems

strangers on the internet is the electro-pop duo of Lilly Wolfson and Alex Neuhausen from New York. We know them already from their previous project Lilly Wolf and are happy to report they are back with a new name and a new track “Good Problems”, which is about the good[…]


Singer, songwriter and producer Pierre-Marie Maulini, who goes by the artist name STAL, is onto something mighty with the irresistibly gorgeous “Magic”. As the artist’s French sounding first name suggests, Pierre-Marie grew up in France, has been intensively touring with Anthony Gonzalez and his band M83, called Ireland his home for a while,[…]

SONG PICK: SDH – Tell Them

SDH stands for Semiotics Department of Heteronyms, which stands for… well I don’t know. But that is fitting for a dark wave electronic pop track with a somewhat disturbing aesthetic: an air of mystery belongs to the genre as much as the steady beats and the wailing synths. SDH are[…]

SONG PICK: Deeper – Pink Showers

“Pink Showers”, the new single by Chicago indie rockers Deeper doesn’t come easy instantly because it keeps you on your toes. The harmonies are… unusual and slightly dissonant at first but a few bars in, it all makes sense. And beautifully so! If you like to mix up your playlists[…]

SONG PICK: Saltwater Sun – The Wire

I marveled already in our 2016 Song Pick about the band’s name, Saltwater Sun: pleasure and danger could not be better expressed in two words. The U.K. five-piece tackles another kind of antithesis in their new song: the same wire that connects us more than ever can also be separating.[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Swerve – Know It All

Sounds like rock does not need any saving yet, as long as songs like “Know It All” are being made. The brand new single by Swerve serves fans of down-to-earth rock’n’roll a delicious slice of warm and solid guitars, paired with heavy hitting drums and smooth baritone vocals, albeit angered up[…]

SONG PICK: Aurelia – Chest

Aurelia is a singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia, who is involved in many things, inside and outside the music industry. “Chest” is the second song she releases under her own name, recorded in L.A. with a group of A-list musicians. It is a richly layered love declaration that slowly and irresistibly[…]

SONG PICK: Glassio – Back For More

New York-based duo Glassio delights with their new single “Back For More”, a deliciously joyful indie-pop pearl. Despite the mournful lyrical context -dealing with the aftermath of an ended relationship- the track is unabashedly happiness infusing. It makes you want to jump to your feet and try out a few dance[…]