SONG PICK: Reigning Days – Inhaler

With all the talk about rock music’s current relevance along comes a band who makes you forget about this kind of chatter and listen, really listen. UK trio Reigning Days have just released their new single “Inhaler” ahead of their upcoming debut album “Eclipse”, out on April 13th via Marshall Records. “Inhaler”[…]

NEW MUSIC: Corina Corina – Bar$

If Broadway could take a break from recycling blockbuster movies, how about creating a show about New York’s artist/bartender scene? Then the new song by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Corina Corina would be the perfect title track. “Bar$” reflects Corina’s love/hate relationship with her other profession, something that probably many artists can[…]

SONG PICK: RubēHill – Apartment

Drawing from seemingly contrasting influences, “Apartment” is as appealing as it is refreshingly different. It is the new single by Toronto-based singer/songwriter and producer Alex Stavropoulos-Laurie, who goes by RubēHill and cites Frank Ocean, Gorillaz, and Run the Jewels as his inspirations for this track. If this sounds… intriguing, then just start[…]

NEW MUSIC: ash.ØK – Bitter Herbs (ft. Merry Ellen Kirk)

Good to hear Merry Ellen Kirk‘s voice again! In this case she lends her vocals to Philadelphia producer ash.ØK whose recent album “The Unraveled” (Apple Music | Spotify) touches many genres and surprises around every corner. The titular “Bitter Herbs” refer to a coffee ceremony close to ash.ØK’s heart –[…]


According to the legend, “Midas” was a famous Phrygian king who got a wish granted: everything he touched turned to gold, including his food, which ultimately led to his demise. There is an obvious lesson here, but London-based singer/producer Lial puts a different spin on it. She explains: I’ve always[…]


CLARA-NOVA is the stage name of Sydney Wayser, a multi-media artist based in Los Angeles. She does photography and art installations, but also pop music that retains enough edge to stand out from current trends. “Echo” is a new track from her excellent upcoming 4-track EP “The Iron Age”, due[…]

NEW MUSIC: Astrolemo – Stay With Me

“Stay With Me” is one of those tracks that grab you right from the beginning with a catchy melody, driving beats and lyrics you can immediately sing along with. We don’t know who exactly Astrolemo is, but he is up to something. Listen to “Stay With Me” on SoundCloud or[…]

SONG PICK: Disco Shrine – Up In The Air

What kind of music does an artist make who goes by the name Disco Shrine? Not exactly 70s disco but something that is totally alluring and highly infectious. Jessica Delijani the musician behind the moniker has been experimenting with what she calls ‘bedroom pop’ for a while but is leaving that[…]


BELAU is a Hungarian duo that worked together with Szécsi Böbe for the song “Redefine”, a bright synth-pop piece with chill Caribbean vibes. Watch the video for “Redefine” on YouTube: Listen on Spotify:

SONG PICK: Abi Wade – A Bit Like Love

Photos show singer/songwriter Abi Wade often with a cello, but this is by far not the only instrument she employs in her debut single “A Bit Like Love”. Starting quietly with a piano, the song swells with orchestra, synths, a choir and marching drums to a shiver-inducing finale. Abi wrote[…]