SONG PICK: iamhill – Give It A Rest

iamhill is singer/producer from Canada (as far I could find out). Her new song, “Give It A Rest” has a catchy chorus, but keeps you continuously on the edge with an ominous bass drone. The official announcement brings it to the point: Written, produced, recorded, and performed in it’s entirety[…]


Only two weeks ago, MOTHICA played Brooklyn’s new darling venue Elsewhere in front of a big crowd of fans. Together with her band, she performed three new songs that night, and while I liked them all, I can not even remember if I heard this stunner back then. “Lovetalk” is[…]

NEW MUSIC: ANIQO – New Signs (ft. Annie Hardy)

“New Signs” refers to the moment of turnaround after bad times, to the light on the end of the tunnel. The track is off Hamburg-based Anita Goß aka ANIQO upcoming debut album “Birth”, which was recorded in the Californian summer and features additional vocals by Annie Hardy. The L.A. sun[…]

New Music: Joe Wood – Had Enough

It’s this time of year again… no, of course not that one, the other one, the one where love or heartbreak stand all front and center. Come to think of it, they play a big role during Christmas too. But back to tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day: in case you find yourself[…]

SONG PICK: Therese Lithner – Drown

An unruly guitar and a steady beat drive this song forward, giving it a dark, unsettling vibe. Therese Lithner has been around for a while in the rock scene of Northern Sweden and “Drown” is her solo debut single. More music from her is to come on an EP to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Nina Luna – Tell You Now

“What if I tell you know,” muses Nina Luna about a complicated relationship. Nina wrote, produced and performed this quiet, reflective track all by herself, letting her emotive vocals be front and center. Listen to “Tell You Now” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

SONG PICK: GRDNS – Night Dance

British quartet GRDNS label their sound “Northern England Psych”, which is spot-on if their debut single “Night Dance” is any indication. The track is a beautiful slice of psych-pop, not too fuzzy but more on the bright and jangly side of things. The guitar work in the opening bars evokes[…]

NEW MUSIC: Xie – Habits

“Habits” can be tedious but they also help us to manage our complex lives. This is what L.A. singer/producer Xie has in mind with her latest airy and effortlessly elegant song. Listen to “Habits” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

SONG PICK: Millie Turner – Shadows (Video)

“Shadows” is a song that stops me in my tracks. Be it the intimate, eerie vocals or the uncompromising employ of electronics: this is a track from an artist who knows what she wants. “Shadows” is just the third song by young London singer/songwriter Millie Turner, but according to a[…]

NEW MUSIC: Odina – Nothing Makes Sense

London-based musician Blanca Romeo aka Odina likes to start songs quietly, giving the listener the impression to sit right next to her while she expresses her emotions with nothing but a guitar. But then the music opens up and reveals more and more layers without losing intimacy. “Nothing Makes Sense”[…]