SXSW 2018: Q&A with The Lulls

In July 2016, I heard about The Lulls for the very first time and was immediately taken by their laid back, intelligent but also delicate sound. We premiered “Bruise”, the first single from their debut album “Island of Daughters, and at some point, Rutger Rosenborg and Ryan Miller mentioned that[…]

SONG PICK: Boe Huntress – Day Becomes Night

U.K. artist Boe Huntress often supplements her music with a theatrical performance. I haven‘t seen a show of hers, but even without visuals her songs have a strong cinematic appeal: „Day Becomes Night“, the first cut of her new EP „A Female Power“ (Apple Music | Spotify) features a sudden[…]

NEW MUSIC: Woodes – Golden Hour EP and more

Celebrate Friday with a trifecta of new music by Australian singer/songwriter Woodes, the master of bright, airy productions. First check out her new wonderful single „Origami“, a song as light and playful as the folded paper sculptures of the same name: Second, she has released her second EP with seven[…]

SONG PICK: Knox White – You’ve Been My Girl

Even though the title “You’ve Been My Girl” might hint a melancholic track, Knox White manages to make the mellow vibe work for his super chill song and turn the sadness around, at least temporarily. “You’ve Been My Girl” is irresistibly gorgeous, with hints of mid 80s Prince including some serious[…]

NEW MUSIC: Zoey Lily – More (out today)

London-based singer/songwriter Zoey Lily has a way to write and even more so, sing pop songs that go under your skin. After last fall’s “Nothing” she released “More”, a track that “is about the flaws of the seemingly perfect and the expectations that come with it.” Musically the track has[…]

NEW MUSIC: There’s Talk – Give It Up

“Give It Up” seems to float on layers of synths, guitars, sparse beats and ethereal vocals. There’s Talk, the three-piece around Olivia Lee from Oakland, California may have found the perfect formula for electronic dream pop. Their second EP “Bathed Water Moon” comes out next Friday on Bandcamp. Listen to[…]

SONG PICK: Isadora – Visions

Singer/producer Isadora came to London from the U.S. to make music – not an easy endeavor in this super-competitive music capital. No wonder how she came up with the chorus for her new single: “I got visions, Man, but not a single plan.” The song reflects on her difficult situation[…]

NEW MUSIC: John.K – Best of Me

JOHN.K is onto something by giving us “Best of Me”, a super smooth, laid-back and highly enjoyable pop number. “Best of Me” is one of these songs that make you want to contemplate life, and then jump to your feet and start dancing thanks to its positive, happiness inducing vibe.[…]

NEW MUSIC: Bryde – To Be Brave (Album announcement)

London-based singer/songwriter Bryde has been winning me over with reflective but intense indie rock for almost two years and I’m happy to report that her debut full-length “Like And Island” is ready to be released on April 14 (pre-order here). The slow-building opening track “To Be Brave” gives you a[…]

SONG PICK: Earhart – A Cross

“A Cross” is the debut single by London-based indie rock group Earhart and is incredibly alluring, with its ebb and flow of instrumentation and full band vs minimalist approach. The band formed in 2017 and turned the obsessive home-studio demo-ing of frontman Joe Tennant into a live act with Daniel Green[…]