SONG PICK: For Esmé – Doubtmouth

Wrapped in a cheerful, dreamy electro-pop melody with driving beats, the message could not be any clearer! Great song, fantastic lyrics and perfect for now and always, “Doubtmouth” by Toronto-based singer/songwriter For Esmé. The artist says about the first track of her upcoming album “Righteous Woman” (5/25): “I hate confrontation —[…]

SONG PICK: Elle Watson – Suspended

Singer/songwriter Elle Watson is another one of those super-talented, young UK-based artists that recently seem to have taken over glamglare. But no way I could overlook “Suspended”, an electronic pop song with drama and classic beauty. Elle also has a hang to experimental and somewhat unsettling videos, like the one[…]

SXSW 2018: Q&A with Emme Woods

With six acts on our Official SXSW Showcase, only one will be absolutely new to us: the fabulous Emme Woods, who is making the trip over the pond from Glasgow, Scotland together with her four band members Jamie Logie (guitar), Neil McKenzie (trumpet, bass), Katie Doyle (keys) and Gary Gilmour (drums). Listening to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Hero Fisher – Lonely

This is a track that keeps you mesmerized until its dramatic fade-out after around four minutes. I’ve been following London-based singer/songwriter Hero Fisher since last summer and ‘Sylvie was one of my favorite tracks of the year. Good to hear that there is a new album “Glue Moon” on its[…]

SONG PICK: Goldkey – Faster

New York-based artist Mike Horn, who goes by Goldkey, posses all that is essential to make a great singer/songwriter: rich and smooth vocals, artistry with some instruments and strong songwriting chops. Goldkey’s new release “Faster” is another gorgeous example for his story telling finesse as well as intricate guitar play and[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lye Marlow – Headlights

With “Headlights”, singer/songwriter/producer Clare Moses aka Lye Marlow, created an exquisite synth pop number that is enchanting in its restraint. The key markers are Clare’s alluringly delicate vocals contrasting with the darker tones of the song, adding beautiful sparkles and optimism. We are excited to exclusively premiere the gorgeous video to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Whinnie Williams – Sorry Now

“Sorry Now” is an elegant and laid-back pop song by London-based artist Whinnie Williams that is hard to get out of your head. Whinnie is working on a yet unannounced album. Listen to “Sorry Now” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

SONG PICK: Abbi Press – Never Try, Never Know

“Never Try, Never Know” is about a long-distance and one could imagine that New York singer/producer Abbi Press reflected about it late at night, with city lights glittering after a warm summer day. Wonderfully atmospheric, “Never Try, Never Know” features loungey synths and an almost jazzy electronic beat. The track[…]

NEW MUSIC: Annabel Allum – Beat The Birds

“It’s just another morning” sings U.K. singer/songwriter Annabel Allum in her new song “Beat The Birds” about living carelessly with all the joy and danger that comes with it. She explains: I wrote Beat the Birds during a heightened temerarious period of my life. Riding on moments and not consequences,[…]

SONG PICK: The Foxfires – Don’t Give Up

“Don’t Give Up” is the latest single by New York quartet The Foxfires, and the title of the song is also part of a campaign dear to their heart. Spurred by the recent suicides of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, Christian Diana (vocals, guitar), Adam Alexander Kahn (bass), Christian Cordero (guitar, keys), Brandon[…]