NEW MUSIC: Bryde – To Be Brave (Album announcement)

London-based singer/songwriter Bryde has been winning me over with reflective but intense indie rock for almost two years and I’m happy to report that her debut full-length “Like And Island” is ready to be released on April 14 (pre-order here). The slow-building opening track “To Be Brave” gives you a[…]

SONG PICK: Earhart – A Cross

“A Cross” is the debut single by London-based indie rock group Earhart and is incredibly alluring, with its ebb and flow of instrumentation and full band vs minimalist approach. The band formed in 2017 and turned the obsessive home-studio demo-ing of frontman Joe Tennant into a live act with Daniel Green[…]

NEW MUSIC: Hana Brooks – Used To Be

Hana Brooks is a singer/songwriter from London, but for “Used To Be” she went to the West Coast to infuse some L.A. vibes into the song. What came out is a classic pop song that immediately sticks without trying too hard. Watch the video to “Used To Be” on YouTube:[…]

NEW MUSIC: Me Not You – Surfers (EP Announcement)

Here’s another stunner by Me Not You, ahead of the release of their new EP “Reckoning 2” on March 2. They often used it as the opener at their U.S. tour last fall supporting Gary Numan. I just love the opening lines of the song: royal blue ocean dunes and[…]

SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Awake (EP Announcement)

Our Song Pick of the Day has a wonderful flow with its smooth synth lines and almost whispered vocals, like the stream of consciousness in the state between being awake and asleep. “Awake” is the title track of the upcoming 4-track EP by London-based singer/producer Fifi Rong, due out next[…]

NEW MUSIC: Oklou – Friendless

Not much to say about it. Just watch the video and turn up the volume. This is Marylou Mayniel from Paris, France who goes by the name Oklou. A six track EP is coming out on May 16. Watch “Friendless” on YouTube: Listen to the track on Spotify or Apple[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Bonse – Cashmere

British alt-pop artist Bonse plays with the possibilities of menacing tension and blissful release in “Cashmere”, the gorgeous title track of his just released EP with the same name. “Cashmere” starts with cascading synth-lines, evoking the image of a sun-flooded waterfall but not for long, because as soon as the beats[…]

NEW MUSIC: Blushing – Weak EP

Double husband/wife quartet Blushing has a new EP “Weak” out! Founded by Christina Carmona (vocals, bass) and Michelle Soto (vocals, guitar) and reinforced by Noe Carmona (guitar, keys) and Jake Soto (drums), the Austin-based band does floating, guitar-driven dream-pop. Listen to title track “Weak” on SoundCloud: Listen to the EP[…]

NEW MUSIC: Corey Flood – Soft

Corey Flood is the band of singer Ivy Gray-Klein, guitarists Noah Jacobson-Carroll and Em Boltz and drummer Juliette Rando. “Soft” is a raw, rough indie rock track about a not so pleasant emotional experience, as Ivy explains: “Soft” is about trying to establish boundaries for yourself only to have them[…]


When “Glow” starts with a piercing squeak and singer Aoife McCann’s urgent vocals, it is hard to anticipate what you are up for. But as the track adds more layers of beats, synth layers and sound effects it is hard to escape its fascination. Æ MAK is a four piece[…]