SONG PREMIERE: Kaiya – Gimme



SONG PREMIERE: Kaiya – Gimme

Looks like indie-electronic pop artist Kaiya is ready to start through in 2018 when her brand new single “Gimme” is any indication. The minimalist track, focusing on Kaiya’s soft and ethereal vocals makes every instrument count. Originally from the Ukraine, Kaiya has spent the last couple of years mainly with modeling in Paris or Tokyo and eventually New York. That’s also where she began to unleash her creative side and started to collaborate with indie-electronic singer/songwriter/producer åMBe. Kaiya says the following about the song:

“This song really means a lot to me. Though it sounds playful and sort of cute it’s actually about this type of inner conflict that you have while you are in a relationship. When you love a person and want to be with that person always, but sometimes you question yourself and if everything is right, and “what if”..”

Deep thoughts for a beautifully, airy pop song peppered with some serious hooks. We are excited to exclusively premiere “Gimme” as our Song Pick of the Day. Give “Gimme”, our first premiere of the year, a listen or two:


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