NEW MUSIC: Haux – Heartbeat (video)

Listen to a new song by Haux aka Woodson Black. “Heartbeat” is an elegant, restrained piece of electronic music with Haux’ vocals creating suspense and keeping you on the edge. The video doubles as a preview of a short film that will be released together with a new EP “Something[…]


The new single “Copycat” by Brooklyn-based indie pop quartet RANN is crazy irresistible from the get-go. The verse already grabs you but wait for the super catchy chorus. There is also enough edge and spark in “Copycat” to not make you drown in sugar pop-sweetness but to enjoy this gritty[…]

SONG PICK: Golden Age Of TV – Beast

“Although I’m scared I still admire the chill it gives me down my spine” sings Bea Fletcher of U.K. five-piece The Golden Age of TV about the titular “Beast”, which she imagined as a child lurking in every dark corner. Nothing too dramatic – most of us probably have similar[…]

SONG PICK: Voilá – Hundredth Second Chance

In my playlist for two weeks already, “Hundredth Second Chance” charmed its way into my music loving heart, unabashedly upbeat and infectious. “Hundredth Second Chance” is the latest single by Los Angeles duo Violá, comprised of Luke Eisner and Gus Ross who say about their track: “We’d say we put our heart and[…]

New Music: WASI – Stranger California

“West Coast, the strangest coast” concludes duo WASI in their song “Stranger California” about the daily struggle of artists in the Golden State. Other coasts, including ours over here in the east, might disagree, but they probably would not come up with sunny, light-minded electro pop/punk song about it. WASI[…]

SONG PICK: Tango With Lions – What You’ve Become

Tango With Lions is a Greek band around singer/songwriter Katerina Papachristou and they just released a new album “The Light” (Apple Music | Spotify). The second single “What You’ve Become” is an earthy, folk rock song anchored in Katerina’s intimate vocals and showcases the deeply personal background of the music.[…]

SONG PICK: DONKER – And Counting

There are probably a many musicians who at one point in their lives give it all up. Some might even radically sell all instruments and gear and let music be. Starting all over again, once they have married and raised children might be more a rarity. Robb Donker aka DONKER finds[…]

NEW MUSIC: Young Galaxy – Under My Wing (album announcement)

Canadian duo Young Galaxy released two of my favorite songs last year, so I’m more than excited that they announced their new self-released full length “Down Time” for April 6 (same day as another highly anticipated record). Their new track “Under My Wings” is a six-minute, hypnotic piece that highlights[…]

NEW MUSIC: In Tall Buildings – Beginning to Fade (Video)

From the very first note to the very last bar, “Beginning to Fade” immediately enchants and does not let go. Video and song are the newest product by Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist and producer  In Tall Buildings ahead of his upcoming album “Akinetic” due March 2nd. Directed by Natalie Bergman, a good friend[…]