SONG PICK: Josephina – Pleasure And Pain

Let’s go out of 2017 with a new song by singer/songwriter Josephina from L.A. “Pleasure And Pain” could be the summary of a difficult year, but Josephina is rather referring to an intense relationship in her dark future pop track that also exemplifies some of the better trends in 2017[…]

SONG PICK: The Jacks – Wings

Intending to end the year with a big dose of swagger, I found the perfect track in “Wings” by South Californian four-piece The Jacks, who claim: We are not a rock band, we are a rock n’ roll band.” Influenced by the British Invasion of the 60s and 70s, The[…]

NEW MUSIC: Becca Krueger – We All In It

Listen the super-catchy new song by New York singer/songwriter Becca Krueger. “We All In It’ is an anthem for those fighting for their passion and uniqueness in the world,” she says about the song and it is indeed a good one to have on your headphones to get this year[…]

NEW MUSIC: Aggressive Swans – About You

“About You”, the new single by Munich-based duo Aggressive Swans continues where “Every Teardrop” left us off. The track is a as dancey as its precedessor while taking the beat down a notch. The melody is crazy catchy with a strong nod to 80s nostalgia. Fabulous! Together with King Pigeon,[…]

NEW MUSIC: Chelsea Lankes – Matches

We haven’t heard much from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Chelsea Lankes since her 2016 EP, but fortunately she doesn’t want to let 2017 end without a new song. Chelsea explains about “Matches”: This song is one of the most honest things I’ve ever written. It’s unapologetic in telling the story of how[…]

SONG PICK: Corniglia – But It Wasn’t That Long Ago

Corniglia is a Australian duo from Perth who draw much inspiration from guitarist Matt’s work as a medical professional. Together with Italy-born singer Chloe they wrap these reflections into dreamy, shoegaze-y soundscapes. Check out their new, slow-burning song “But It Wasn’t That Long Ago”, which is is “loosely based on[…]

NEW MUSIC: Bryde – Desire

“Desire” is the catchy new song by Welsh singer/songwriter Bryde. Her debut album is announced for next spring, when she will tour all over Europe.

SONG PICK: Lowborn – Crazy (Video)

If anybody thought that dark, moody yet melodic rock songs are a thing of the past, then think again. “Crazy” by North Carolina based Lowborn, is beautifully ’emo’, how it sounds at the end of 2017. Listening to “Crazy”, I can’t help but feel remembered of the sound of some[…]

SONG PICK: Marine – Mount Olympus

Marine is the London-based four piece Cara Sebastian (Vocals, Guitar), Ruby Jack (Vocals, Guitar), Beth Dariti (Bass) and Kaja Magsam (Drums) and according to their Twitter profile they are “singing about mythical creatures”. You find some of those in their new song “Mount Olympus”, a catchy song on the crossroads[…]

SONG PICK: Comte De St Germain – Down To The Wire

Joseph Johns the musician behind the moniker Comte De St Germain certainly likes it mystical because not only did he choose to go by the name of an 18th Century French aristocrat, explorer and alchemist who claimed to be over 500 years old. But Joseph Jones also recorded his latest single[…]