SONG PICK: Esther & Fatou – At Night

Esther & Fatou are a dream pop duo from Belgium. Like The Overcoats over here in New York they combine folk music and vocal harmonies with pop music elements into an appealing, nocturnal song. Esther & Fatou explain about their debut single “At Night”: It’s a song about the way[…]

VIDEO: Callum Beattie – Miracle

The anthemic “Miracle” by Edinburgh born and raised singer/songwriter Callum Beattie received an atmospheric black-and-white band video, exuding a big dose of joie de vivre as the visuals to the catchy song unfold. Callum provides the following about the track: “Like most of my songs “Miracle’ is autobiographical. It’s about[…]

SONG PICK: Beecher’s Fault – Moneymouth

New York-based quintet Beecher’s Fault recently released heir alluring new seven-track album “The Easiest Drug to Sell” from which “Moneymouth” is taken. The single comes with a big dose of wistfulness and a touch of hope in its more upbeat chorus. Listening to the lyrics, I wish moving Upstate would be the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Chances – Rishikesh

Check out the third single “Rishikesh” of Montreal-based trio Chances. Inspired by the namesake city in India the track features a sonic “colorful chaos” including soundbites from the banks of the Ganges. Listen to “Rishikesh” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

NEW MUSIC: Megan Lilly – Stargirl

Megan Lilly could be your “Stargirl”. No, not seriously – she has other things in mind. Listen to Megan’s catchy new track on SoundCloud:

SONG PICK: Attis Leavengoode – Sister Mary

Get ready for a wild ride! North Carolina based singer and producer Attis Leavengoode tells the story about a witch who curses a village after they failed to burn her. Attis wraps the medieval topic into dark electronic textures and marching beats and lets her voice soar over it like[…]

SONG PICK: Twin Studies – Years & Years

Twin Studies are yet another cool band who put Atlanta on the map for a new music hotspot aside from the well-known ones. Their new single “Years & Years” while featuring a beautiful shoegaze vibe is as fresh and irresistibly dreamy fun as it can get. Listen to “Years &[…]

NEW MUSIC: Orchid – Slow (Kylie Minogue Cover)

London singer/producer Orchid closes out the year with a cover song and turns Kylie Minogue’s 2003 hit “Slow” from a dance banger into an enticing piece of future pop. Listen to the original (Apple Music | Spotify) and you will hear how pop music production has evolved in the last[…]

PHOTOS: Argonaut & Wasp at Alphaville

Great music alone doesn’t make a great show and a great venue like Brooklyn’s Alphaville certainly helps yet it is great performers who ensure a fantastic experience. In short, Argonaut & Wasp were freakin’ awesome when they played Alphaville BK to an appreciative audience of friends and old and new[…]

NEW MUSIC: Jule Vera – A Vera Merry Christmas EP

This is the season to hear the same songs over and over, so why not add new versions of some of the most-played classics to the mix? Alabama five-piece Jule Vera has something for you: fresh-sounding, irony-free recordings of “Last Christmas”, “All I Want For Christmas” and “Sleigh Ride”. Singer[…]