SONG PREMIERE: Glassmaps – Strangely Addicted

It is easy to instantly fall for “Strangely Addicted”. Hard. The track wraps you in a blanket of sonic beauty with its charming chord progression, majestic instrumentation and its bright, powerful vocals. There is something grande and clearly mesmerizing going on, something The Beatles of ’67 might have done, if[…]

SONG PICK: Sam Valdez – It’s Alright

The L.A.-based singer/songwriter Sam Valdez grew up in the desert of Nevada and there is a feeling of loneliness in her songs. Her latest song “It’s Alright” also radiates melancholy, even though it goes more into rock territory with its heavier guitar work. Sam explains: “It’s Alright” thematically focuses on[…]

SONG PICK: shallou – You And Me

Occasionally, the direct way is best: “You And Me” does not leave much room for interpretation and then again… it does! Without question though is “You And Me” ultra gorgeous and magnetic with its light, dancy beats and emotive vibe. It is also the newest single by Chicago-based indie electronic[…]

PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo at Knitting Factory (Album Release)

Today, I came across the posting of a musician friend who asked her friends/fans “of the bands/artists you’ve seen live, who put on the best show and why?” and the conversation she had initiated on her ‘timeline’ were very well all about (super)stars shows like Björk or Depeche Mode and White[…]

SONG PICK: Future Jr. – Sentimental Trick

It seems as if “Sentimental Trick” wears its effect on its sleeve because the track is beautifully tender and one could argue to almost being tricked by how good this feels. “Sentimental Trick” is the second single by Matthew Nainby who goes Future Jr., based out of Brisbane, Australia. Lyrically[…]

SONG PICK: May Roosevelt – Pa

The new album “Junea” by Greek musician May Roosevelt is full of relaxing, inspiring but also rousing soundscapes. Put it on headphones and the world somehow feels like a better place. The single “Pa” is an excellent example for this: almost an instrumental, May’s vocals blend in with the layers[…]