NEW MUSIC: Sgrow – Circumstance EP

One of my favorite discoveries this year is the Norwegian electronic duo Sgrow. Their tracks “Is Anybody Where They Want To Be?” and “Feel Something” were our Song Picks of the Day and we also featured the video for “Kismet”. Now their debut EP “Circumstance” with four more dark and[…]

NEW MUSIC: Cusi Coyllur – Woke Up from a Lazy Dream

After her intense track “amivulnerable” Shannen Roberts aka Cusi Coyllur strikes a lighter note. Musically, that is. At a closer look “Woke Up from a Lazy Dream” is a wild ride through different states of mind of a panic attack. Shannen explains: It never feels like I’m in control of[…]

SONG PICK: Newmen – Electric Eel / Humanin

No, this is not Germany in the mid 70s but Germany in the late 2017s. The Frankfurt-based neo wave indie rock band Newmen just released the double track “Electric Eel / Humanin” and it is impossible to choose a favorite among the two. And why should we anyway? Analog synths[…]

PHOTOS: High Waisted Live at Rough Trade

When we recently asked High Waisted about their favorite decade in our Q&A feature, Jessica Dye (vocals, guitar) answered: “The 1970s in London so I could be best friends with Viv Albertine, Chrissie Hynde and Vivienne Westwood and shop at Sex. I’d play punk rock and wear Dr Martens and[…]

SONG PICK: Acre Tarn – Wilderness (Video)

U.K. Singer/producer Anna-Louise Etherington records exciting electronic gems under the name Acre Tarn. After “Crescent Moons” early this year, she is now back with a new song “Wilderness”. The track is only available as a video, which shows Anna in the wilderness, haunted by mysterious masked figures. There is certainly[…]


Hard to believe that DYGL call Tokyo their home because their new single “Let It Sway” sounds as English as The Kooks and as New York as The Strokes, which comes as no surprise with Albert Hammond Jr. and Gus Obert as producers. Let’s give the Japanese quartet the credit[…]

SONG PICK: Young Galaxy – Elusive Dreams

The “Elusive Dream” the Canadian duo Young Galaxy is talking about here seems to be more volatile than ever these days. Yet Catherine McCandless and Stephen Ramsay want to point out that hope should never be lost. They say about the song: Elusive Dream was written this summer during this[…]

PHOTOS: Statues of Liberty Live at Arlene’s Grocery

It started out very romantic, how we happen to know about Statues of Liberty and became avid fans in the process: in the summer of 2007, we were invited to celebrate the wedding of a friend in Upstate New York. Said friend, a musician, married another musician and the festivities[…]

SONG PICK: big tide – Thirst For The Limelight

“Thirst For The Limelight” by singer/songwriter big tide comes with jangly guitars, a mesmerizing melody and ultra-charming vocals. It is easy to keep the track on repeat with its upbeat vibe and catchy flow. Leeds-based Ben Thomas is the musician behind big tide and he reveals the following about his[…]