SONG PICK: BirdyHop – Sportsday

The joyous and beautiful flow of “Sportsday” is totally intoxicating! While “Sportsday” initially got released earlier this year, it just got an overhaul and is now available in its ultimate, glorious radio edit version. The track is written, performed and produced by London-based electronic rock duo Chris and James Goldsmith[…]

SONG PICK: Ella Grace – Here We Are Again

“Here We Are Again” is the sigh after losing love to depression. It is a deeply personal experience that singer/songwriter Ella Grace describes here, but the song also fits well to the general up and down in life and the fact that darkness is broken by the dawn of a new day every time. Ella wraps this sentiment into a beautiful soundscape, including singing birds.

SONG PICK: Document – Red Tape

The label ‘post-punk’ always peaks my interest, and a band from Tel Aviv even more so, that is why I started listening to “Red Tape”, the new -and totally awesome- single by Document. Much to my delight, aside from the reverb drenched, fuzzy guitars, there is something oddly ‘The Strokes’ going on…[…]

SONG PICK: Stonerpop – Physical Business

Maudie Michelle and Jimmie Maneuva make music in Louisiana under the name Stonerpop. They released a new EP “Physical Business” with seven tracks that are quite different from what one might associate with the band’s name. The gamut of their songs ranges 80s style dark wave to chillwave with a good deal of other musical ideas thrown in. Listen to the EP from beginning to the end or you may miss something.

NEW MUSIC: Sera EKE – The Others (Video)

Here is an unofficial video by London artist Sera EKE, which she uses as a backdrop during her live shows for the song “The Others”. With strong visuals, the clip speaks for itself as a reminder that nobody should be ever made feeling unhappy about who they are. Sera explains:[…]

NEW MUSIC: Rosie Carney – Winter

Winter marks the end of the year (on the northern hemisphere, that is) and also the end of many cycles of life. This is what “Winter”, the new song by Irish singer/songwriter Rosie Carney is about.

SONG PICK: Obliques – Instant Pleasure

Earlier this year during Brooklyn’s Northside Festival, I saw Obliques and liked them a lot but much to my chagrin forget about them again. Luckily, Zach Van Hoozer and Ben Flesch, the two artists behind New York-based Obliques, got brought to my attention again through their new single “Instant Pleasure”. The decisively 70s[…]

NEW MUSIC: Inkfields – Snare Yourself (Video)

There is something immediately intriguing about “Snare Yourself”, and the more the song unfolds, the more we are under its spell. This holds even more true for the accompanying visuals, the  video for “Snare Yourself”. It shows Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Samuel-James Griffiths, who goes by the artist name Inkfields, how he[…]