SONG PICK: Negative Gemini – You Weren’t There Anymore

Negative Gemini is back! As she hinted on social media, she has found use for a guitar again and departed somewhat from her dance-focused music of her last year’s debut LP “Body Works”. “You Weren’t There Anymore” is an excellent piece of weird pop, which layers synths over a steady[…]

NEW MUSIC: Julietta – Runaway (Video)

What is it that makes vintage videos looks so comforting? Probably it suggests a better time, with, in hindsight, fewer worries and problems. NYC singer Julietta takes advantage of this effect and leads us through lush summer landscapes in her new video for “Runaway”. Definitely a treat, now that summer[…]

SONG PICK: WHITE ROOM – Cable-Built Dreamland

At a time when even presidents feel compelled to express themselves on social media, it does not come as a surprise that these platforms come under greater scrutiny and artists put their own take on things. “Cable-Built Dreamland” however is an especially gorgeous example of going to town with all[…]

SONG PICK: Cusi Coyllur – amivulnerable (Video)

Shannen Roberts aka Cusi Coyllur is a musician and a mental healthcare advocate. Her new song “amivulnerable”, an eclectic, skillful piece of electronic music, is about abuse and how difficult is is too escape: Rearrange my words So you hear what you like. Rearrange history Hide In time. The video[…]

glamglare’s MONDO.NYC must-see picks

Last year, MONDO.NYC hit the New York music scene for the very first time and is heading into round two, starting October 4th. While MONDO.NYC is still a fairly small festival with roughly 180 participating artists, they come from all over the United States, Europe and Australia and this means a[…]

SONG PICK: Climbing Trees – Fall

Listening to “Fall”, the new single by Welsh four-piece Climbing Trees, it is not surprising to learn that the quartet has gained a lot of attention on their home turf, from radio to TV to festivals. “Fall” starts out on a mellow note and swells, gets bigger and bolder and[…]