SONG PICK: WHITE ROOM – Cable-Built Dreamland



SONG PICK: WHITE ROOM – Cable-Built Dreamland

At a time when even presidents feel compelled to express themselves on social media, it does not come as a surprise that these platforms come under greater scrutiny and artists put their own take on things. “Cable-Built Dreamland” however is an especially gorgeous example of going to town with all things digital. It is the latest single by Brighton five-piece White Room and the song has an incredibly dreamy, catchy vibe which contrasts with its serious subject matter.

Frontman Jake Smallwood states about “Cable-Built Dreamland”:

“It’s about people’s narcissistic obsession with how they are perceived online; the mask they create behind which they disguise their true selves. It’s a group of friends sat round a table, all with phone in hand, silent.”

Listen to the deliciously psychedelic “Cable-Built Dreamland”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Will Ireland

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