SONG PICK: Joseph of Mercury – Angel

Joseph of Mercury is the stage name of Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jospeh W. Salusbury and his new track “Angel” is the sort of big love song that you could play while proposing to the love of your life. Joseph of Mercury has the vocal chops to deliver this song just right[…]

NEW MUSIC: Hero Fisher – Push The Boat Out (Video)

Super-8 amateur footage invokes an immediate feeling of nostalgia and melancholy (one wonders if the HD material shot today will have the same effect in twenty years). It tells stories of long gone moments of happiness, of a time that – in hindsight – feels easy and simple. London-based singer/songwriter[…]

SONG PICK: Alexander Wolfe – Breaking The Fall

“Breaking The Fall” by British singer/songwriter Alexander Wolfe is optimistic and re-assuring even during the track’s darkest, melancholic and restless moments. “Breaking The Fall” is infectious and utterly gorgeous! After having released two full length albums, Alexander Wolfe experienced a serious set-back with his third one, yet luckily decided to[…]

SONG PICK: Rivita – While The Love Is Gone

Rivita is a London via New Delhi musician, who does pretty much everything herself: singing, producing, recording as well as artwork and videos. With that skill set she is involved into many projects and collaborations, but her music stands well on its own: “While The Love Is Gone” is a[…]

Excited about: Gangly – Gangly EP (and Iceland Airwaves 2017)

Today Iceland Airwaves announced their 2017 lineup and local band Gangly is part of it. They also just released their debut EP, which may come as a surprise, because singer Jófríður Ákadóttir has probably the most iconic voice in Iceland – after you-know-who. Anyway, if you can, go see them[…]

SONG PICK: Rich Stephenson – Secret

“I’m just a dirty little secret and you want to keep it” croons Rich Stephenson on his latest single “Secret” and it is impossible to isolate the intriguing lyrics from the enchanting hook. “Secret” is simply irresistible in its subtle catchiness. From the start, it is clear that something special[…]