SONG PICK: Alexander Wolfe – Breaking The Fall



SONG PICK: Alexander Wolfe – Breaking The Fall

“Breaking The Fall” by British singer/songwriter Alexander Wolfe is optimistic and re-assuring even during the track’s darkest, melancholic and restless moments. “Breaking The Fall” is infectious and utterly gorgeous! After having released two full length albums, Alexander Wolfe experienced a serious set-back with his third one, yet luckily decided to keep on going and to continue to creating gorgeous music. He provides the following background for “Breaking The Fall”:

 “Lyrically, it’s about momentum, going forwards, and leaving the past behind you. And that made a lot of sense. It’s kind of a theme that runs throughout the record. Let the past be the past. And go forwards.”

Listen to “Breaking The Fall”, our  Song Pick of the Day:

Stream “Breaking The Fall” on Spotify and get the single also on iTunes.

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