SONG PICK: Surf Rock is Dead – As if

Dubbed “New York’s hardest working live band” thanks to their relentless gigging and touring, indie darlings Surf Rock is Dead are about to release their new EP “We Have No Friends?” by the end of next month. Ahead of the duo’s EP they offer “As If”, which is pure jangly[…]

SONG PICK: Jenna Kyle – Summer With You

Summer is a good time to fall in love and the new song “Summer With You” by NYC-based singer/producer Jenna Kyle is an excellent soundtrack for that. It captures the light-heartedness and fun of the season, but also the hazy and unreal early state of being in love. Jenna explains:[…]

SONG PICK: Fou De Toi – Give Me a Chance

Alone the song’s title, “Give Me a Chance”, begs for checking the tune out and after only a few beats, the answer is an affirmative YES, absolutely! “Give Me a Chance” is the gorgeous new single by Swedish indie pop trio  Fou De Toi (French for ‘crazy about you’ ).[…]

Q&A with Grace Savage

Grace Savage is a multifaceted artist and here at glamglare we fell in love with her as a singer/songwriter when she released “Medusa” earlier this year. Yes, it is “Dreamy Electro Pop” (Apple Music | Spotify | SoundCloud), but she puts an edge to it that makes her music stand[…]

NEW MUSIC: M1LDL1FE – Distraction (Video)

The colorful and atmospheric video to “Distraction” is the perfect visual enhancement to a gorgeous song. “Distraction”, by Singapore-based indie-pop quartet M1LDL1FE, is the first track on their recently released self-titled EP. What makes the video so compelling is the smart combination of band shots, Singapore nightlife and lots of[…]

SONG PICK: The Night Ships – Sober Rebel (Video)

The Night Ships are an international duo of musical veterans who likes to travel the world, bring home (wherever home is) ideas from all over the place and build songs around it. Their new song “Sober Rebel”, while grounded in trip-hoppy electronic, is an excellent example for this and they[…]

SONG PICK: Gold Class – Get Yours (Video)

“Get Yours” bursts with frantic energy, pulsating drum and bass lines, angry guitars and gets held together by Adam Curley’s fascinating vocal delivery. “Get Yours” is the latest single by Melbourne-based post-punk rockers Gold Class and the last one before their highly anticipated second album drops on August 18th via[…]

3 Is A Band: Dismissed

The idiom “never judge a book by its cover” proofs once again true, because alone from looking at stylish three-piece Dismissed, one would expect pop, the over-the-top kind maybe. Hold your breath because Dismissed create synths-rock in the vein of maybe fellow trio Placebo or maybe new Brit-rock darlings Wolf[…]

SONG PICK: Ruby Fray – Honor

Ruby Fray is a four-piece around Chicago-based singer and songwriter Emily Beanblossom. Emily has already two albums under her belt and is working on a third one while touring the western part of the country in August. “Honor” the first single of the new album is a beautifully sad, melodic,[…]

SONG PICK: Secret Weapons – Comeback Season

How are they doing it? New York City based  Secret Weapons release one beautiful pop hymn after the other and with “Comeback Season” maybe the most glorious to date! The message behind the track is simple yet powerful. Gerry, one half of the duo, offers: It’s an anthem for the underdog[…]