SONG PICK: Sweetwood – Summertime

Even if “Summertime” would not come with such a self-descriptive title, one would immediately think of all the good things a carefree, everything-is-possible period would feel like. “Summertime” is beautifully groovy with disco dance beats, smooth vocals and occasional soulful guitar elements. The single is the latest project of Sweetwood, the[…]

SONG PICK: Penelope Trappes – Gravel Mouth

“Gravel Mouth” is one of those songs that make the time run slower when you put them on headphones: the sparse piano and guitar lines, the subtle beat and minimal electronics let Penelope Trappes’ voice lure you into some fantastic world in your mind. Penelope just released her debut album[…]

SONG PICK: Slum Sociable – Castle

“Castle”, the new single by Melbourne-based duo Slum Sociable is irresistibly gorgeous, with its melancholic vibe and its fascinating groove. “Castle” is one of the songs you want to hear on repeat over and over again, because… just so good. Listen to “Castle” now, our Song Pick of the Day:[…]

SONG PICK: Stalgia – Talk To My Skin

Stalgia’s latest song “Talk To My Skin” is an elegant, sensual track that builds into a cinematic finale without going overboard and releasing you from its grip. Childhood friends Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie, the duo behind Stalgia, have released a series of intriguing pop songs at the crossroads of[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Holy Boy – Holy Boy EP

The self-titled debut EP by Holy Boy has become one of my favorites this year. With its drum-heavy, dark vibes the music reminds of early Zola Jesus, before she employed massive orchestral sounds. Helene Alexandra Jaeger, the woman behind Holy Boy, tries to tap the subconsciousness for her song writing[…]

SONG PICK: Brand New Moon – Spinning Coin

While “Spinning Coin” starts with soundbites that faintly recall Pink Floyd’s “Money”, the song then takes a different spin, one that justifies even more name dropping, because it evokes the experimentalism of Radiohead and Thom Yorke. So, who is responsible for the truly gorgeous “Spinning Coin”? It is London-based Brand New[…]

SONG PICK: Boga – What Do You Say? (Video)

There is not much to find out about the duo Boga, but the music speaks for itself: “What Do You Say?” is an atmospheric track that slowly soars into a cinematic finale. The video by Chilean director Valentina Avayu matches the mood of the song and keeps you on the[…]

SONG PICK: VUKOVAR – The Clockwork Dance

Minimalism and lo-fi vibe at its best! “The Clockwork Dance” by British trio VUKOVAR sounds as much early experimental, underground 80s as it sounds post-punk and then again timeless. There is a bass melody, drum beats, spare synths-lines and over it all floating some dry and simply gorgeous baritone vocals.[…]

SONG PICK: Misty Coast – Trash Talk Smile

Our Song Pick of the Day comes from Norwegian duo Misty Coast. “Trash Talk Smile” takes you away for just over two minutes into the musical equivalent of the band’s namesake landscape with its dreamy vocals and gentle guitar lines. Listen to “Trash Talk Smile” on Spotify:

EXCITED ABOUT: Drinker – Happy Accident EP

“Happy Accident” is an accurate title for the debut EP by Brooklyn/L.A. duo Drinker: the four songs are atmospheric, surprising and full of melancholic, contradictory beauty and designed to put you in a reflective state. One of my favorites this year. Listen to the new single “Sinking/Feeling”: Listen on Spotify[…]