SONG PICK: Queue – Frontier

The four-piece Queue is based in Philadelphia and D.C. and their latest track “Frontier” is an energetic rock song, driven by relentless guitars beneath cool vocals. It has been already been released in May, but hey, good music is timeless. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now: Listen[…]


With the end-of-summer-holiday looming, a joyful and super gorgeous track like “Way We Go” is maybe never more appreciated than right this moment!”Way We Go” by California-based musician Sam Emery, who goes by MRY, is insanely infectious and our Song Pick of the Day. With or without dancing shoes,”Way We[…]

SONG PICK: Dog In The Snow – Child

Helen Ganya Brown, aka Dog In The Snow is back with a not-so-subtle message: what if every woman refuses to have children until humans treat each other with decency? Helen explains: So this song is my tongue-in-cheek and desperate attempt at blackmailing humanity as a path to a sustainable future[…]

SONG PICK: The Boxing – Tame

“Tame” is a glorious sonic inebriation of dark, brooding undertones and sparkles of joy. The new single by British psych-rock trio The Boxing is as appealing as their previous releases. With only 2:44 minutes, the track is surprisingly short, especially for a genre that likes to dwell on a theme. There[…]

SONG PICK: Polartropica – Olympia (Video)

Polartropica is the musical outfit of L.A.-based artist Ihui Cherise Wu. Fitting to the intrinsic contradiction of her band name, Ihui fuses diverse instruments and sounds into futuristic, spaced-out pop music with a generally uplifting vibe, inspired by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics trailer. Listen to “Olympia”, our Song Pick of[…]

SONG PICK: Jinka – Trash From The Past

I think Romanian singer/producer Jinka is up to something here: somehow she manages to fuse a shrill where-is-the-stop-button synth intro with guitars and vocals into a coherent and catchy pop song that you just want to hear again. Jinka’s debut song “Trash From The Past” has the rather futuristic vibe[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Philip Whitehead – I’m Gone

“I’m Gone” is a powerful ode of believing in one’s abilities and keep on pursuing one’s dreams. There are Philip Whitehead‘s soulful and compelling vocals, that transform a song as beautiful as “I’m Gone” into something irresistible and magical. On the surface, “I’m Gone” is classic singer/songwriter fare, with some[…]

SONG PICK: AUTOBAHN – The Moral Crossing

British post-punk quintet AUTOBAHN release “The Moral Crossing” ahead of their equally titled sophomore album scheduled for November 3rd, via felte.  The immediately most stunning element of the track are the awesome drum beats, the many variations, all the pulsating, energetic possibilities. To watch this live must be sheer magic! Of course,[…]

SONG PICK: Carmen Villain – Borders (ft. Jenny Hval)

The words “Featuring Jenny Hval” in a song title has become a sure indicator that you are up for a sonic journey, no matter in what genre the original artist works. Carmen Villain aka Carmen Maria Hillestad, usually more a creator of quiet guitar-driven pop songs, goes in this collaboration[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Oriel Poole – Sunday EP

“Sunday” is the debut EP by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Oriel Poole who followed her passion, taught herself the tools of the trade and started to make music. The five tracks, while rooted in soul and electro-pop, are refreshingly genre-free: Oriel does what she likes, but in the end everything fits together[…]