Excited About: Polyphia – The Most Hated (EP)



Excited About: Polyphia – The Most Hated (EP)

Dallas-based instrumental four-piece Polyphia creates a rather unique guitar, rhythm and bass heavy sound, taking cues from jazz, R&B and hip hop and blending them all together into something new and truly exciting!

They just released their new EP “The Most Hated” and we had the great joy and honor to exclusively premiere the single “40oz” (review here) which is the maybe most lively and upbeat among the other 5 tracks.

It is highly interesting to learn where Polyphia are coming from in regards to their EP. They reveal:

“The theme of this EP is basically a slight to the normal backlash from the scene that we come from (instrumental guitar music). There is a very close minded, hateful mentality towards any sort of deviance from the norm, so we’re basically embracing the hate, and we thought that calling it “The Most Hated” would be more than appropriate since we knew many of our current fans would be opposed to our drastic style shift and not appreciate the elements of hip hop and electronic music showcased in the actual music.”

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “40oz” from 07/19, then stream the entire EP on Spotify and get it on iTunes. Be ready to be enchanted by something enthralling and unique!

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