SONG PREMIERE: Loveskills – Babylon



SONG PREMIERE: Loveskills – Babylon

The flowing, cascading sounds of a harp greet us upon listening to “Babylon”, the new single by indie electronic artist Loveskills. What initially seems like an odd choice, reveals itself as the only possible one because the ethereal vibe of the harp build the perfect blissful contrast to the restless beats and the warm and grounded vocals.

“Babylon” is the latest, super gorgeous track from Loveskills’ upcoming album. When I asked Rich Spitz, the New York-based musician who goes by Loveskills to provide some background for “Babylon”, he offered:

I’d say, the chaos in city life is like an erratic fire but if channeled thru your work or thru your art, it’s an infinite victory.

Nicely put! Everyone living in a big, bustling city can relate to that and we all know these moments of great joy that feel victorious even.

I am overjoyed to exclusively premiere “Babylon”, as our Song Pick of the Day. Listen to “Babylon” and be ready to wanting it on repeat:

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