SONG PICK: Flashes – Paintbrush

What starts out as beautifully flowing strokes of sound with a distinct urgency to it, develops into something wild and grunge and equally awesome. One can take “Paintbrush” by British five-piece Flashes quite literal, because comparisons with painting on canvas come to mind: first tentative, exploring, testing the waters and[…]

Excited About: Polyphia – The Most Hated (EP)

Dallas-based instrumental four-piece Polyphia creates a rather unique guitar, rhythm and bass heavy sound, taking cues from jazz, R&B and hip hop and blending them all together into something new and truly exciting! They just released their new EP “The Most Hated” and we had the great joy and honor to exclusively premiere[…]

SONG PICK: Be The Bear – Erupt (Video)

One can imagine that the long nights of the Swedish winter are good for nightmares and in “Erupt” Be The Bear invites us to join her for a particularly picturesque one: turning on lights in her beautiful home does not help and she ends up in darkness and almost in[…]

SONG PICK: Soft Fangs – Elephant Girl

It would be easy to quickly write off “Elephant Girl” as ‘low-fi’ or ‘garage’ and move on but this also would mean to miss out on something surprisingly fragile and insanely beautiful lingering under the rougher, outer shell. “Elephant Girl” is the new single by Brooklyn-based dark pop/alt-folk artist John[…]

SONG PICK: Anna Tosh – Weightless

“Weightless” about a dream, about the feeling of drifting underwater into an unreal world. Musically however, the new song by London singer, songwriter and guitarist Anna Tosh stays grounded in solid rock. A relaxed beat and bass line drives the song forward and here and there Anna flashes her guitar[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Loveskills – Babylon

The flowing, cascading sounds of a harp greet us upon listening to “Babylon”, the new single by indie electronic artist Loveskills. What initially seems like an odd choice, reveals itself as the only possible one because the ethereal vibe of the harp build the perfect blissful contrast to the restless[…]

SONG PICK: Parker – Runs and Rides

Bryony Parker, who records just under her last name Parker moved from Australia to London to make music and her new song is about the “Runs and Rides” she took as a teenager back home. Pleasant memories for her, I suppose, but for a 21-year old she packs an astonishingly[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Polyphia – 40oz

Inspired as it is inspiring, playful but also with a hint of restraint, perusing all major elements of modern songwriting, “40oz” is only on the surface a must for guitar aficionados but essentially for music fans across multiple genres because the track simply awesome! “40oz” is the new single by[…]

SONG PICK: Felix Pallas – Similarities

Felix Pallas is a four-piece from Belgium and “Similarities” is the first track they release on Disco Naïveté’s brand new record label. The song starts as a catchy electro-pop piece and adds some massive drama on the way. An EP is on its way for release later this year. Listen[…]

VIDEO: Dakota – Silver Tongue

Dakota is a four-piece from the Netherlands and in the video for their latest song “Silver Tongue” you can see the four women hanging out at some nondescript location. But with such a catchy and appealing piece of dream-pop you actually don’t need any more visual distraction. Watch and listen[…]